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【Natural landscape-Mountain】Nine-Dragon Peak

  Nine-dragon Peak  Located 14 kilometers in the southeast of Pingshan Town of Huidong County, it is named as nine ridges look like nine dragons, and is also known as Stylus Peak as its main peak has an altitude of 563 meters like a stylus. "No matter how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy." There are 10-odd temples and pavilions centered by Tangong Ancestor Temple, with moving fairy tales. According to legend, more than 600 years ago, Tangong in his childhood often fed herds here, later he became an immortal with great magic arts and ability of taming dragon and tiger and controlling the forces of nature, he gave benefits to the masses, and was thus admired by people. Later generations built the temple to memorize him.

  Nine-dragon Peak is not severely cold in winter and not intensely hot in summer. With ancient trees reaching to the sky, trees shading the sunlight, pure water in pool and green mountain, a deep and secluded valley, integrating the features of elegance, purity, leisure, charming and quietness, it represents the essence of Lianhua Mountain Range. In addition, the building of temple inside makes the scene more charming. Main scenic spots and historic sites include Ancestor Temple, Wenchang Palace, Zhimeng Pavilion, Chess Playing Pavilion, Longtong Temple, etc.

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