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【Natural landscape-Spring】Longmen Iron Spring

  Longmen Iron Spring  It is located in Longtian Town of Longmen County with a land area of 500,000 square meters, among which 80,000 square meters are hot spring area. The Spring is surrounded by mountains in three sides, with verdant woods, fresh air and elegant environment.

  Longmen Iron Spring has three features: Diversified hot spring bathing culture, with four areas in the hot spring section including dynamic area, relaxation area, therapy area and recreational area, thereinto therapy area has 8 pools: Pool for eliminating wind and dampness, pool for skin care and cosmetology, pool of traditional Chinese medicine, pool for refreshing, pool for strengthening waist and kidney, pool for nourishing heart and brain, pool for relaxing tendons and activating collaterals and pool for natural steam of gold spring. Unique catering culture, mainly in Hakka diet, with specialties such as Longmen Huxu Chicken, Xixi Bamboo Shoot, Xilin skipjack. Fashionable residential culture, with villa-type house, divided into Hakka Villa, quadrangle courtyard and watchtower according to different architectural style, and most villas are built with outdoor swimming pool and backyard garden.

  Longmen Iron Spring contains 48 types of trace mineral elements conducive to human body, due to high content of iron, it is called "gold spring", the temperature of hot spring gushing from spring area reaches as high as 78℃. In many places of Longmen County, after digging into 2-meter depth, there is hot spring gushing out. There are rich spring water reserves.

Editor:   Time:2015-09-30
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