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【Natural landscape-Sea】Xunliao Bay

  Xunliao Bay Located in Xunliao Bay Resort in the east bank of Daya Bay of Huidong County, it belongs to South Asian tropical humid marine climate with annual average temperature of 21.7℃, and covers an overall area of 105 square kilometers. With a coastline of 27 kilometers, it has 8 gulfs, water surface of which is distributed with dozens of islets. Xunliao Bay is one of the bays with the purest seawater in several hundred kilometers of coastline of Eastern Guangdong Province, famous for uniquely beautiful stones, uniquely purest seawater and uniquely white sand, known as "green jade" and "god-given platinum bay". The sand beach is glittering and translucent, and the seabed has even gradient, with less than 2 meters of water depth within 100 meters. It is an advantaged natural bathing beach.

Editor:   Time:2015-09-30
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