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【Natural landscape-Mountain】Nankun Mountain

  Nankun Mountain It is a national-level forest park and national 4A tourism attraction. Located in Longmen County, it is 97 kilometers from Guangzhou City, borders  Zengcheng City and Conghua City. The Mountain covers an area of 124 square kilometers. It is in the vicinity of Northern Tropic, whose main peak Paradise Summit has an altitude of 1228 meters. The mountain has peaks rising one after another, ancient trees reach the sky, and green plants spread everywhere. Within more than 4000 hectares of natural conservation areas, there are over 2500 varieties of advanced plants, including over 500 varieties, 123 categories and 50 families of trees of economic value. There are over 30 tourism landscapes which have been developed, including "dragon-crossing waterfall", "Wonder of Stone River", "age-old pine trees as enwinding dragon", known as "oasis over the Tropic of Cancer".

Editor:   Time:2015-09-30
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