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【Natural landscape-Mountain】Luofu Mountain 

  Luofu Mountain  It is a major national-level scenic spot and national 5A tourism attraction. Located in Boluo County, it is 35 kilometers from the County seat and borders Longmen County and Zengcheng City. With an area of over 260 square kilometers, it has 432 peaks. Its major peak is Feiyun Peak, the altitude of which is 1296 meters. Additionally, it has 980 famous waterfalls or springs, 18 spectacular caves, 72 stone chambers, a complete range of woods, rich resources of wild animals and plants, thus known as one of the top ten famous mountains in China, traditionally famed as "the First Mountain of Lingnan Area. Luofu Mountain is also China's famous Taoist mountain, as the 7th spectacular place and 34th fairyland in Taoism.

Editor:   Time:2015-09-30
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