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Huizhou to Produce 30% of Global STB

Skyworth Supply Chain Collaboration Matchmaking Meeting was recently held at Industrial Development Centre of Tonghu Science City of HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with the intentional procurement items covering passive components, chips, PCBs and batteries, over 130 business executives from many leading enterprises, such as KPIC, Wellav, GSD, Zhongkai Urban Development Group and Huizhou Sanhua, attended the meeting. Banking institutions were also invited to take part in the event, offering more financing options to those participating enterprises.

It was Huizhou’s 5th Supply Chain Collaboration Matchmaking Meeting that was targeted to facilitate the development of electronic information sector. The event was jointly hosted by Huizhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Administrative Committee of HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the Administrative Committee of Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone and Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co., Ltd, and organized by Huizhou Electronic Information Industrial Association.

Skyworth Digital Industrial Base will help improve Huizhou’s 5G and Ultra High-definition Video Display industrial chain.

As an important electronic information industry base in China or the entire world, Huizhou has formed a comprehensive industrial system that features printed circuit board, new LED, high-end components, and other sub-sectors, attracting the settlement of Skyworth and many other leading manufacturers within the same industrial chain.

Skyworth was first settled at HZZK High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2009, and has employed over 5,000 workers locally in Huizhou. In February this year, Skyworth’s digital technology industrial base, with a total investment of 5 billion yuan, was settled in Huizhou, with the focuses on smart home access system, Mini-LED and other super high-definition displays. When completed, this project sees to produce 30% of the world’s Set Top Box (STB), greatly boosting the high-quality development of electronic information sector of Huizhou.

Skyworth has been listed as one of China’s top 100 electronic enterprises for many years, its subsidiary Skyworth Digital is China’s leading digital smart box manufacturer, with the annual production capacity exceeding 50 million sets. It is estimated that Skyworth digital industrial base will introduce a large number of high-end talents to Huizhou, and further advance the development of 5G and super high-definition video display industrial chain.

At the meeting, Skyworth unveiled the details of its future procurement plan, covering passive components, chips, terminals, switches, safety switch, transformers, PCBs, displays,assembling unit, packages. Business executives from Skyworth delivered presentations on procurement requirement, supplier certification and selection criteria in becoming a Skyworth supplier, as well as the application procedures, and expressed Skyworth’s strong will in engaging win-win cooperation.

On April 20 this year, Shenzhen-Huizhou Industrial Collaborative Innovation Matchmaking Meeting was held in Shenzhen, Mr. Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth, acknowledged Huizhou’s stimulating business environment, “Shenzhen and Huizhou are close to each other. Huizhou is an important electronic information industrial base in China, and has a sound manufacturing foundation and a comprehensive upper-and-lower-stream industrial chain. All enterprises have benefited greatly from their decision in settling in Huizhou, and it is the reason why Skyworth wants to increase investment in Huizhou after 12 years’ business presence in Huizhou”.

In recent years, cities within Shenzhen metropolitan circle have intensified their efforts in promoting exchange and cooperation. According to a senior official from Huizhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, “Huizhou will give full play to Shenzhen’s spill-over effect in terms of innovation resources, create a working platform that facilitate exchange and communication among enterprises from these two cities, and as of now over 30,000 Shenzhen-based enterprises have settled in Huizhou”. In 2020 Huizhou signed a total of 47 electronic information projects with Shenzhen, with the total investment volume exceeding 29.343 billion yuan.

As a node city within Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and an important member of Shenzhen metropolitan circle, Huizhou has succeeded in seizing rare development opportunities and introducing action plans to accelerate its development. For example, Huizhou joined hand with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan in further improving its innovation industrial chain, especially in the areas of super high-definition display, basic panel, new energy battery, advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment. The city will prioritize the development of Skyworth digital industrial base, create an electronic information industrial cluster with global significance and further consolidate its advantage in electronic information sector.

Reported by: XIE Baoshu, WU Guozhi

Editor:   Time:2021-08-04
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