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Construction of Huizhou LNG Terminal Begins

On July 23, the construction of Huizhou LNG Terminal official began. Many senior officials and business executives, including Mr. Hu Jianbin, Director General of Guangdong Nuclear Industry Geological Bureau, Mr. Wu Daowen, Deputy Director of Guangdong Development and Reform Commission and Director General of Guangdong Energy Bureau, Mr. Li Zhuoxian, President of Guangdong Energy Group, Huizhou municipal leaders, including Liu Ji, Feng Qizhong and Xu Yi, attended the ground-breaking ceremony.

Huizhou LNG Terminal is regarded as a major measure taken by Huizhou municipal government in realizing China’s ambitious strategy of emission peak and carbon neutrality, advancing the high-quality development of energy sector and creating a clean and low-carbon modern energy system. This project, with an area of 38 hectares, is located at Pinghai Town, Southwest of Renping Peninsular, Huidong County, and will undergo a two-stage development.

With an investment of 6.636 billion yuan, the first phase of the project is designed to build a LNG terminal with the berthing capability ranging between 80,000 and 266,000 cubic meters, three LNG storage tanks each with 200,000 cubic meters, as well as supporting gasification, metering, liquid external transportation and other facilities. It is estimated that handling scale of the phase one project will reach 4 million tons a year, with the highest peak exceeding 6.1 million tons a year. The phase two project will build 3 LNG storage tanks each with 260,000 cubic meters, with the highest handling capacity to exceed 10 million tons a year, the annual business volume to reach 1.5 billion yuan and the amount of tax payment to reach 300 million yuan.

Preliminary preparations for this project first began in the second half of the year in 2018, Huizhou even set up a special taskforce team to speed up the project, covering overall planning, land use plan and regulatory detailed planning. After over 3 years’ real efforts and with the firm support from Guangdong Reform and Development Commission and Guangdong Energy Bureau, on July 7 this year, this project was officially approved by the State Reform and Development Commission.

As of now, the land levelling and ground treatment have been completed, and local government now plans to apply for maritime right of use. The construction team also has finalized the construction schedule. Airlifting of LNG tank roof is expected to be completed in July 2022, and the entire project is planned to be operational by the end of 2023.

Reported by: FENG Lijun

Editor:   Time:2021-07-24
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