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Three Huizhou-based Manufacturing Enterprises Listed in the A-share Market

July 1, 2021 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, while on the very same day, Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, making it the third Huizhou-based manufacturing enterprise to be listed in A-share market.

Huizhou takes active measures to facilitate local enterprises listing

Established in November 2014, Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd is an electronic manufacturing enterprise focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent manufacturing equipment. As a leading enterprise in the lithium battery manufacturing equipment industry, it mainly provides high-end equipment and automation solutions to many sectors, such as lithium batteries, auto parts, precision electronics, security, rail transportation and other industries.

Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. Its operation revenue was 400 million yuan, 670 million yuan, 890 million yuan and 1.43 billion yuan respectively for the year between 2017 and 2020; with the operation revenue having a 60% increase (with an increase amount exceeding 500 million yuan). Its initial public offering of 22 million shares began trading on July 1, opening at 192 yuan, up 391.63%.

Under the strong leadership of a steering committee on utilizing capital market, Huizhou has taken active measures to facilitate local enterprises in expanding direct financing channel and seeking opportunities to be listed in the stock market, so as to secure sufficient enough financing support for Huizhou in building its “2+1” modern service sectors.

On March 23, Unionman was successfully listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the first of its kind for Huizhou-based enterprises. Green Precision was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Board on April 15, followed by the listing of Guangdong Lyric Robot Automation Co., Ltd on July 1. In less than 3 months, Huizhou had 3 new A-share listed enterprises, and now the total number of A-share listed enterprises in Huizhou has increased to 16.

Huizhou now plans to offer greater assistances to enterprises to be listed in the stock market. In terms of policy support, Huizhou Financial Work Bureau will introduce more favorable policies in the areas of services, incentive, taxation, environmental protection, land use and pro-innovation support. As for services offered to candidate enterprises, Huizhou has selected 93 local enterprises with IPO plans, and formulated corresponding measures to understand and satisfy their needs.

In addition, Huizhou will strengthen exchange and cooperation with Shanghai Stock Exchanges, Shenzhen Stock Exchanges and China Securities Regulatory Commission, Guangdong Bureau. For example, Huizhou and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges launched Guangdong’s first capital market cloud database, offering IPO tutoring to candidate enterprises; and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges even sent technical experts to Huizhou to oversee the training program.

3 Huizhou-based enterprises become top 500 enterprises in China

All listed enterprises in Huizhou are high-tech enterprises in the field of next-generation electronic information technology, high-end equipment and new materials. Through IPO, all these enterprises have achieved rapid growth in terms of market value, operation revenue and net profit. The combined market value of Huizhou-based listed enterprises now ranks the 5th in Guangdong, with three of them, namely EVE, TCL Technology and Desay SV, being included in the top 500 Chinese listed enterprises in terms of market value.

With the rapid development of 5G, new energy battery and intelligent vehicles, Huizhou-based listed enterprises with full involvement in these sectors saw significant growth. The market value of EVE exceeded 200 billion yuan in May this year, becoming the first Huizhou-enterprise to have a market value surpassing 200 billion yuan.

According to the latest figure, the combined market value of 16 Huizhou-based listed enterprises reached 469.045 billion yuan on July 5 this year.

Reported by: LIU Weiwei, ZHANG Nan, CAI Feng

Editor:   Time:2021-07-06
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