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Daya Bay Science and Technology Innovation Center Offers Online Marketing Programs to Local Enterprises

In line with the requirements set up by Daya Bay District on providing concrete assistance to local residents, Daya Bay Science and Technology Innovation Center recently offered online marketing courses for local SMEs.

The program, in the form of webinar, was designed to help employees from local SMEs to improve their marketing ability, such as communication skill and useful negotiation techniques. Experts from Chinese Academy of Management Sciences were invited to teach the classes, covering topics such as professional quality, development planning, sales competence, after-sales services and practical marketing skills. The program has attracted the participation of over 1,000 attendees.

Daya Bay Science and Technology Innovation Center now plans to organize more of these programs that meet the actual needs of incubating enterprises and create a pro-innovation atmosphere within Daya Bay.

Reported by: YAO Yachao, LIN Maohui

Editor:   Time:2021-06-27
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