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Huizhou Extends Administrative Service during Weekends


May 22 was the first day for Huizhou to extend its administrative service during weekends, and this policy was particularly welcomed by local residents.

“I don’t work in Huizhou, and it is rather difficult for me to ask for a leave. I’m so glad to know that the administrative service will be available during weekends, and I don’t need to ask for a leave anymore”. May 29, 2021 was the second Saturday for Huizhou to continue its administrative service during weekends, and the rising number of applicants suggested that this policy was favored by local residents.

“We are very busy during weekdays, and the extended service on Saturday is indeed very helpful”.

At 10 am on May 29, all visitors were required to present their Yuekang QR code and have their body temperature measured before heading to various service windows.

Residents wishing to access the traffic administration services could directly deal with their matters in a timely manner. According to Mr. Chen, a local resident who wished to have his driver license replaced, “Many people are only free during weekends, as they are busy during weekdays. The extended service during weekends is very convenient to us”. According to local officials, except for examination, license renewal, a total of 14 administrative items, including replacement of driver license and redeeming vehicle mortgage, were available during the weekends.

Many residents encountered the same awkwardness with Mr. Chen, as they were too busy during weekdays to deal with the required administrative formalities. Naturally the weekend extended service was most welcomed by local residents.

Mr. Sun deliberately returned back to Huizhou to deal with the required formalities in relating to a traffic offense. “I am glad to learn that there is such an extended administrative service during weekends. We local residents find this service very helpful”. Mr. Wu was so glad that it was not necessary for him to ask for a leave anymore, “This policy is very convenient to us”.

According to Mr. Du, a traffic policeman at the Huizhou traffic police service center, “It is the second weekend to have this extended administrative service, and there is a significant increase in terms of the number of applicants”. The center now opens three service windows, providing a full range of off-site traffic violation handling formalities, such as speeding and illegal line change, and residents are required to bring all the required documents to deal with these matters.

Efforts are made to ensure adequate services are to be provided during weekends.

At 10am on May 29, over 100 residents were waiting in line before the service counters of administration concerning residents and residency at Huizhou Administrative Service Center. Ms. Lin Meihua, a policy officer at Huicheng Public Security Bureau, was busy answering residents’ inquiries.

According to Ms. Lin, “We have introduced an integrated administrative service mode, in other words, all our service windows can deal with residence related formalities, such as obtaining registered permanent resident status through house purchase, talent introduction and hukou relocation”.

Mr. Zheng, a local resident who wanted to help his colleague to relocate hukou to other place, was impressed by the extended administrative service, “We can even access these administrative services during weekends. It is great to have these services at off-peak time”. With the assistance from local police officers, he managed to have his business done, “they are very helpful, I am very grateful for their assistance”.

Ms. Zheng is a local resident still taking her maternity leave, and she was one of those residents to deal with administrative formalities during weekends. “The services are very convenient to us. They can even introduce an appointment-based service, that would be even better”.

On May 22, 2021 alone, a total of 80 applications relating to administration concerning residents and residency were handled. Among these applicants, some were local residents from Huicheng District, and some were residents with their Hukou at Boluo, Huidong, Daya Bay and other areas in Huizhou.

According to police officer Ms. Lin, “We still prefer residents to deal with these formalities during weekdays, so that extended weekend service can be reserved to those residents with special needs, or those who are extremely busy during weekdays”. She also added that efforts had been made to rearrange the working hours of police force, so that adequate service would be provided to local residents during weekends.

A total of 318 applications were handled during two weekends.

The extended weekend administrative service is part of the efforts made by Huizhou Municipal Government Affairs Data Administration to deepen the party history education and improve its pro-resident service level.

Many functional departments in Huizhou, including Huizhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Huizhou Housing Provident Fund Management Center, also introduced the weekend extended service. Ms. Liu was one of the beneficiaries of this service, and she succeeded in obtaining her social insurance participation certificate on May 22.

According to a responsible person from Huizhou Administrative Service Center, over 113 applications were handled on May 22, while the figure rose to 205 on May 29. Local residents were advised to bring along all the necessary documents and wear masks before accessing the extended administrative service.


The weekend extended administrative service covers all government affairs center at municipal, country/district levels, service halls of various functional departments, including social security, real estate, housing provident fund, taxation, judiciary, public security, veteran affair, as well as service halls of water, electricity and gas supply.

The service hour during weekends is 8:30 to 12:00 in the morning and 2:00 to 5:30 in the afternoon, except for public holiday. All natural persons can access this service, and enterprise-related service is not available yet.

Reported by: LUO Guohong, CHEN Chunhui

Editor:   Time:2021-06-01
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