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Huizhou Sees Steady Growth in its Foreign Trade

In 2020 Huizhou Port Customs introduced many innovative measures, such as “Internet+” mechanism, novel supervision mode, two-in-one oil regulation and Huizhou-Yantian combined port, to help foreign trade enterprises overcome difficulties caused by the epidemic and downward economic trend.

Huizhou-Yantian combined port and “Internet+” mode help alleviate financial burden of enterprises.

By giving full play to the reform dividend created by the Huizhou-Yantian combined port, Huizhou Port Customs introduced a series of foreign trade facilitation measures, such as online and offline consultation service, and kept improving its service level. In the past one year after the combined port was first introduced in late October 2019, the foreign trade volume in using the combined port rose from 4 million yuan of 11 TEUs by 1 client to 600 million yuan of 20,000 TEUs by 22 clients, in particular the number of export container saw a 5-fold increase.

“Huizhou Port Customs officially introduced its online service”, this was the scene taking place at the online meeting first held by Huizhou Port Customs in September 2020. At the meeting, the customs succeeded in collecting a dozen of constructive suggestions from manufacturing enterprises, research institutions and trading enterprises, as well as good opinions related to standard review of diesel petrol and worked out effective solutions to help foreign trade enterprises to overcome technical barriers when exporting goods to foreign countries.

The “Internet+” mode worked particularly effective during epidemic. Huizhou Port Customs used the “online+offline” mode to identify problems encountered by enterprises when submitting custom clearance applications, at the same time case-specific ledger was created to improve the handling accuracy. It is estimated that Huizhou Port Customs issued a total of 3,000 Certificates of Origin, with the value of the involving goods reaching 1.2 billion yuan, and helped exporting enterprises alleviate custom tariff worth 60 million yuan.

Innovative and optimized services significantly improve port supervision and inspection efficiency.

Huizhou Port Customs first introduced alongside delivery and other trade facilitation measures, allowing enterprises to access case-by-case custom clearance service, with the custom clearance handling time to be reduced to 15 minutes.

To speed up oil testing, Huizhou Port Customs innovatively applied the "side-to-side discharge" operation mode, combined with "appointment-based overtime operation", "24-hour shift" and other service measures, ended up realizing the 24-hour instant inspection for any incoming imported oil product. Take fuel oil as an example, the whole-procedure handling time was reduced from the previous 48 hours to 30 hours, and with the much-enhanced inspection accuracy.

According to statistics, Huizhou Port Customs has inspected 141 batches of imported crude oil since last year, with the combined weight reaching 20 million tons and the total value exceeding 40.8 billion yuan. In average an enterprise can save at least 8 hours of waiting time and 3 million USD of demurrage and transshipment fees.

With the assistance by Huizhou Port Customs, SINOPEC Zhejiang Zhoushan Petroleum Co. Ltd set up China’s very firstcustoms custody warehouses for domestic transfer in Huizhou and Shenzhen in February 2020, greatly expanding its bonded fuel oil business. In July 2020, Huizhou Port Customs helped Huizhou Daya Bay Huade Petrochemical Co., Ltd set up customs custody warehouses for domestic transfer, and offered follow-up assistance in providing the integrated oil product supervision service.

According to Huizhou Port Customs, till the end of November 2020, the newly added space of bonded warehouse of Huizhou Port Customs had reached 1.2 million cubic metres, and its bonded oil supply business also had a rise of 113%, greatly facilitating the export of bonded fuel and low-sulfur fuel within the Greater Bay Area.

Reported by: LIU Weiwei, ZHONG Huan

Editor:   Time:2021-01-06
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