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Huizhou Software Park (Kexin Park) Inaugurated

Huizhou Software Park (Kexin Park), the third software park recognized by the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Huizhou Municipality, was officially inaugurated on December 23, 2020. All entered enterprises within this park will be entitled to access many favorable policies introduced by different levels of government exclusively towards the sector of high-tech, software and integrated circuit, as well as rent discount and other benefits. The previous two software parks were located at the Huizhou Software Science Park and Huizhou Tonghu Software Park respectively.

Huizhou Software Park (Kexin Park), as Huizhou’s very first specialized accelerator in the information and communication sector, will accommodate the four-in-one functions, namely technology incubation, software research and development and subcontracting, information and communication technology training, industrial capital.

A senior official from the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Huizhou Municipality pointed out that “Huizhou will take active measures to introduce the settlement of more software enterprises and talents, so as to achieve the balanced development of both hardware and software sectors”. He further added that Huizhou Software Park would endeavor to become the new growth pole for the software information economy and a digital economic base to facilitate the healthy development of software and information service sector.

A senior official from Huicheng District expressed the best wishes of local government toward the park, “We hope that the Park will pay close attention to the start-up corporate culture, further strengthen cooperation in production, research and development, and reinforce cooperation with higher learning institutions for the introduction of entrepreneurial talents from universities, and provide high-quality service to all settled enterprises in terms of financing investment, technology research and development, fiscal and taxation management, market increment, among others.

According to a senior manager from Guangdong Kexin Industrial Incubator Co., Ltd, “The inauguration marks a new breakthrough of this park in terms of the provision of comprehensive services”. He added that the park would timely build an expert pool formed by specialists in the fields of software and information service, finance, law, fiscal taxation, provide information related to the latest industrial trend, pinpoint a batch of suitable digital economy projects and set up a big data analysis platform and application platform for both government agencies and information enterprises within the park.

To date, Huizhou Software Park has created its positive image as a specialized comprehensive service park, pooled together all available resources among information service sectors in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou, and established in-depth cooperation with governments at different levels, research institutions and information enterprises. By far it has incubated over 300 enterprises, including 30 high-growth enterprises and 19 high-tech enterprises, and one third of these enterprises are software information enterprises. There are two enterprises each with their annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan, and 6 enterprises each with their annual output value exceeding 50 million yuan.

Reported by: XIE Jingjing, DENG Weiying

Editor:   Time:2020-12-24
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