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New Beijing-Kowloon Railway Overpass Completes Construction


40-meter box girder being installed at the new Beijing-Kowloon railway overpass

On the early morning of December 4, 2020, by making full use of the 110-minute window period ofBeijing-Kowloon railway, the 40-meter box girder was successfully installed at the new overpass, which marked the completion of all overpasses along Beijing-Kowloon railway and the last bottleneck of Heyuan-Huizhou-Dongguan highway.

At midnight, the installation process officially began. The large-sized box girders was first being transported to the predetermined positions and then began the installation. By making full use of the window period that only lasted 110 minutes, construction workers succeeded in installing three box girders, marking a new breakthrough for the traffic opening of the overpass.

According to Mr. Wu Guoqiang, General Manager of Huizhou Heyuan-Huizhou-Dongguan Highway Co., Ltd, “The overpass is located at E31 road within Rongjing Village of Tonghu Town”. To speed up the construction, after communicating with Guangzhou Railway Group by government authorities at different levels, 4 window periods, each lasting between 90 and 110 minutes, were finally arranged, allowing construction workers to have sufficient time to install box girders.

In the afternoon of December 4, with the installation of the last piece of plate girder, the overpass of Beijing-Kowloon railway overpass was finally open to traffic. The construction team also minimized the occupation of municipal roads and village roads. Till now, most of the tunnel projects, embankment engineering and bridge engineering have been completed, and it is estimated that the pavement engineering will be completed by December 18, traffic safety facilities and mechanical engineering by December 20, and the entire overpass is expected to be operational by December 25.

Editor:   Time:2020-12-06
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