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At Least 13 Large-scale Investment Projects Signed or Settled in Huizhou 2020


On April 22 this year, the Exxonmobil Greater Bay Area Huizhou Ethylene project, with an investment volume reaching 10 billion USD, kicked off its construction at Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone. It is the first major petrochemical project in China invested solely by a U.S. company, when completed, it will have the world’s largest production capacity for a single unit, which is about 50% higher than the industry average.

Huizhou implemented a series of effective measures this year to improve its investment environment and attract the settlement of Fortune 500 companies and other leading enterprises. The city witnessed the signing or kicking-off of construction of at least one major investment project with investment volume reaching 10 billion yuan since this April. It is estimated that a total of 13 major investment projects, each with an investment volume of 5 billion yuan, had been signed or started construction this year.

From January to August this year, there were a total of 958 registered under-construction industrial projects in Huizhou, including over 40 projects each with an investment volume reaching one billion yuan; and the combined investment volume reached 40.07 billion yuan, ranking the 5th in Guangdong and with a year-on-year increase of 20.6%, ranking 6th in Guangdong and the 2nd in the PRD region.

According to Mr. Fernando Vanilla, President of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd, “Huizhou’s efficient and transparent administrative service is a key factor for ExxonMobil to launch its investment project in Huizhou”. Huizhou has indeed made many real efforts to speed up the settlement of large-scale investment projects.

For example, it took only 14 months for the Huizhou New Material Industrial Park to kick off construction; the investment negotiation for Amer (Huizhou) New Material Manufacturing Park first started in April this year, while its first land plot was allotted in September. The original 9 months of administrative examination and approval procedure was shortened to one month for the two large-scale scientific facilities by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Apart from streamlined administrative service, Huizhou’s丰-shaped transportation system also plays a leading role in attracting the settlement of large-scale investment projects.

As an important node city within the Greater Bay Area, Huizhou is adjacent to Shenzhen and Dongguan, and many world-class airports and ports. Huizhou therefore introduced an ambitious urban development concept highlighting the significance of transportation network in its industrial growth.

Huizhou’s丰-shaped transportation framework was first introduced last year, with its 3- horizontal lines and 1-vertical line connecting Guangzhou (Knowledge City), Dongguan (Songshan Lake), Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, Shenzhen (Qianhai), Hong Kong and central area of Huizhou and Huizhou Bay. When completed, there will be many transportation axes.

According to Mr. Lin Jiang, Deputy Director for the Center for Studies of Hong Kong, Macao and Pearl River Delta, “The丰-shaped transportation network will help enhance the status of Huizhou as a transportation hub in the eastern bank of Pearl River or the entire eastern and western Guangdong.” Mr. Lin believed that an open and well-connected transportation network will help sustain the rapid economic growth of Huizhou and transform Huizhou into a first-class city in China.

Reported by: Dai Jian

Editor:   Time:2020-09-26
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