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Huizhou Products Attract 110,000 Views on Live-streaming Show


At the live-streaming studio, e-commerce host and enterprise representatives are introducing their products during an online promotional event held to boost the sales of “Made in Huizhou” products. Photo by Zhong Changxin.

4K ultra-high-definition TV from TCL, ginger tea from Gexiantang, rose essential oil soap...these were among the first “Made-in-Huizhou” products to appear on a live-streaming show series aiming to help enterprises cushion against the impact of COVID-19. Six local enterprises joined the 1.5-hour live-streaming event, offering discounts for 20 products, which attracted 110,000 views at some point. The event was organized by Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Huizhou Newspaper Media Group.

To assist SMEs to expand sales channels

"Little T, little T, please up the volume to 30." Upon hearing the voice command, the TV volume was automatically adjusted to 30. Wake-up-free remote voice command 2.0, 4K ultra-high-definition display, blue-ray-protected and ultra-thin screen...... these are the unique features of the latest 4K ultra-high-definition LCD TV from TCL.

During the online show, the host and Wang Jianhua, the head of e-commerce at TCL, gave it their all to highlight the product and offer the buyers with the lowest possible price. "A Huizhou-based enterprise sends greetings to its hometown. A 65-inch TV with the original price of 3,399 yuan, is now sold for 2899 yuan, and a 55-inch TV only costs 1,899 yuan now, whereas market price is 2399 yuan." The favorable prices created much traction among online shoppers, with many saying that they couldn’t miss out on the great bargain.

The success of the live-streaming show is backed by technology-based Huizhou manufacturing industry. As an important electronic information industrial base in China, Huizhou has nurtured numerous popular brands such as TCL, after decades of continuous technological innovation. Meanwhile, Huizhou enterprises have long been exploring the e-commerce and live-streaming platforms to boost sales.

"TCL has already gained success with e-commerce and live-streaming. In the first half of this year, TCL’s e-commerce sales reached a whopping 4 billion yuan, and the online retail volume was close to 1.8 billion yuan during the '618' shopping festival." Wang Jianhua said.

According to an official from the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the live broadcast event was organized in response to the national and provincial policies on boosting growth among SMEs, as well as to assist them to shake off the negative impact brought on by COVID-19 and seek more diverse marketing channels.

"Huipinhui", the live-streaming platform of this event, allowed company representatives to display their products and directly communicate with their customers for free.

"We appreciate the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Huizhou Newspaper Media Group for organizing this event. It is a good sales opportunity for enterprises." said Yang Min, general manager of Huizhou Jumei Shidai Company.

More live-streaming shows featuring counties (districts), enterprises and industries will be arranged.

Driven by the development momentum of Internet and digital economy this year, live broadcast studios have been set up at factory workshops and farmlands, as live-streaming retail has witnessed explosive growth and has since become a new format of e-commerce.

"This event is the first among the live-streaming activities aiming to help enterprises to boost sales amid the pandemic. Next, we will organize more live-streaming sessions to serve more small, medium and micro enterprises in various counties and district across different fields," said an official from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology.

The live-streaming shows also offer free samples, free trials and free tasting, gifts and lottery draws to lure in more online consumers. The uizhou Newspaper Media Group has empowered the event by offering its media platform with advanced live broadcast equipment, professional teams, and online celebrity anchors. A compatible "Huipinhui" Mall mini program has been developed to enable enterprises to host live-streaming shows at factory workshops and fields and boost their retail sales.

Reported by: Xie Baoshu

Editor:   Time:2020-08-03
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