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Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway Set to Open Next Month

By then, it will take 2 hours to reach Qingyuan from the downtown Huizhou, and travel time to Nankun Mountain will be cut by 30 minutes.


Nankun Mountain Toll Station on the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway. Photo by Wang Jianqiao

At the end of last year, the reconstruction project of the Longmen Section of Provincial Highway 355 (the "Nanyou Highway") was completed and the highway has since been opened to traffic, significantly cutting down travel time from Huizhou to the Nankun Mountain Eco-tourism Area. With the arrival of the summer vacation, the Nankun Mountain Scenic Area has ushered in the peak tourist season, witnessing increasing visitor and vehicle volumes day by day. At present, construction of the Longmen section of the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway is in full swing, which is scheduled to open to traffic by the end of September. By then, the journey from downtown Huizhou to Nankun Mountain Eco-tourism Area will be shortened by half an hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Road pavement works will be finished by the end of this month.

On July 28, we visited the construction site of the Nankun Mountain Toll Station of Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway. The toll station was near completion as workers were busy backfilling the earthwork. A worker surnamed Hao told reporters that electronic systems would be installed at the station after the backfilling was done, and then the workers would continue to work at other construction sites of the highway.

Construction works on the roadbeds, bridges and tunnels along the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway have all been finished, and the pavement work was 95% completed. Engineering work on the highway was also 80% completed. At the moment, the workers were working on the signage, installing anti-collision guardrails and paving asphalt.

Wide concrete road surface, improved drainage facilities, and beautiful greening on each side... During our visit, we noticed that the two-way six-lane highway was near completion with the exception for the signs. According to schedule, the remaining works will be completed by the end of August, and the highway will be open by end of September as planned.

Express connection to the Nankun Mountain Scenic Area

Starting from Longhua Town, Longmen County of Huizhou and ending in Taihe Town, Qingxin District of Qingyuan, the 125.28-kilometer Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway is a vital part of the Shantou-Zhanjiang Highway, one of the "two horizontal" lines of the Guangdong Provincial Expressway Network.

Insiders predicted that the opening of the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway will improve the expressway network of Guangdong, promote the coordinated socio-economic development of the eastern and western regions of Guangdong, strengthen the economic ties between Guangzhou, Huizhou, and Qingyuan, and accelerate regional integration.

The Huizhou section of the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway will be 20 kilometers long, with two toll stations at Longmen County, namely Nankun Mountain and Youtian, while connecting to the Guangzhou-Heyuan Highway through Daguling. Upon completion, the journey from Huizhou to Qingyuan will be trimmed to less than 2 hours.

The opening of the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway will be good news to the Nankun Mountain Eco-tourism Area as well. At present, visitors from Huizhou must travel on the Guangzhou-Heyuan Highway and exit through Shajing Toll Station, then switch to National Highway 355 then the Nanyou Highway to reach the scenic spot. The whole journey takes about 2 hours. However, the road condition between Shajing Toll Station and Nanyou Highway has not been ideal; as a result, the section has been easily congested during holidays.

Once the Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway is operational, residents will be able to go to Nankun Mountain from Guangzhou-Heyuan Highway to Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway via Daguling, and reach the scenic spot at the Nankun Mountain toll station, cutting travel time by about half an hour. The soon-to-be-opened highway will offer high-speed direct access to the scenic site, with less congestion, to visitors.

The Huizhou-Qingyuan Highway is a green highway and sci-tech demonstration project and a pilot high-quality technical project of the Ministry of Transport. The construction of the project pays great attention of greenery, with a set of paving requirements. Specialists have been dispatched to inspect the asphalt paving procedure, to improve the service span of the highway.

Reported by: Dai Jian

Editor:   Time:2020-08-01
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