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Aggregate Value of 12 Listed Enterprises in Huizhou Reaches Record High

Till April 30 all 12 Huizhou-based listed enterprises in the A-market had released their annual reports. In accordance with these reports, 10 of these 12 listed enterprises had seen an increase in their operating income; and net profit attributable to shareholders of these listed enterprises reached 6.265 billion yuan, up 7.4% compared to last year’s 5.833 billion yuan.

As TCL Technology completed its asset restructuring early last year and divested its terminal business and ancillary business, its operating income last year was 74.933 billion yuan, down 33.90% from 113.36 billion yuan in 2018; however, when taking a close look at the accounting statement after divesting other ancillary business, TCL Technology’s operating income stood at 57.27 billion yuan, up 18.7% year on year; its net profit attributable to shareholders stood at 2.62 billion yuan, a decrease of 17.0% year on year. As TCL is a leading listed enterprise in Huizhou, its restructuring and the ensuing downward economic performance also caused the decrease of overall operating income of all listed enterprises in Huizhou. According to data, the operating income of these 12 listed enterprises reached 103.932 billion yuan, a decrease of 32.86% from 154.641 billion yuan in 2018.

Till December 31 last year, the aggregate market value of these 12 listed enterprises stood at 193.527 billion yuan, reaching a new height; while on April 30 this year, this figure further rose to 233.978 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that EVE Energy has the highest market value, at 65.417 billion yuan. Compared to 48.61 billion yuan on December 31 last year, EVE Energy saw an increase of 16.807 billion yuan in its market value in 4 months, replacing TCL to become the leader of listed enterprises in Huizhou in terms of market value. TCL, DESAY SV, Zhongqian Holding, Victory Giant Technology and DBG Technology ranked 2nd to 6th respectively, with their market value reaching 62.772 billion yuan, 22.566 billion yuan, 19.431 billion yuan, 17.624 billion yuan, and 14.679 billion yuan; while the market value of Zhongqian Holding rose from 9.557 billion yuan four months ago to 19.431 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Reported by : LIU Weiwei

Editor:   Time:2020-05-06
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