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Huicheng District Boost Consumption with Coupons

In an effort to improve the confidence of trade and circulation businesses, Huizhou now plans to introduce Several Measures to Stimulate Consumption Growth by issuing consumption coupons in the Huicheng District, with the total amount reaching 100 million yuan. It is estimated that the first batch of coupons, worth 10 million yuan, will be released prior to the May Day holiday.

Over 50 million yuan of consumption coupons in the fields of automobile, retails and catering sectors

Huicheng District, the central district with the largest consumption amount, is selected to pilot the consumption coupon scheme; and catering, retail, automobile and other sectors that have been hit hard by the epidemic are chosen to be the recipients of consumption coupons, with the estimated amount to reach 10 million yuan.

According to an official from Bureau of Science, Industry and Information Technology, the consumption coupons of 100 million yuan will be contributed by various stakeholders, including 10 million yuan from Huicheng district government, 6 million yuan from district-level Federation of Trade Unions and Charity Federation, 50 million yuan from businesses of these three sectors, as well as other discounts worth 28 million yuan.

The 10 million yuan allocated by Huicheng district government will be distributed to catering, retail and automobile sectors, with the worth of 4 million yuan, 4 million yuan and 2 million yuan respectively; the 6 million yuan from the district-level Federation of Trade Unions will be districted evenly by retail, catering and home appliance sectors; while the 6 million yuan from district-level Charity Federation will be provided to local residents with financial difficulties in a form of special allowance.

Online promotional campaigns being launched at the same time

Apart from the consumption coupons worth 100 million yuan, commerce authorities in Huizhou will organize a series of online/offline promotional campaigns. For example, 5 local automobile sales enterprises have participated in the “Internet + automobile sales” campaign launched by Guangdong Commerce Department.

In addition, TCL, KTC Technology Group, Huiyang Lenovo, Guangdong Sanpone New Energy and other Huizhou-based enterprises are encouraged to participate in the “home appliances going to the countryside” campaign launched by Guangdong Commerce Department.

Online shopping is of greater importance amidst the epidemic, and Huizhou will continue to launch more city-wide online shopping festivals in the fields of automobile, furniture, retails and catering; and each trade union or trade federation will encourage their member enterprises to offer greater discounts to lure customers, for example, over 10 shopping malls in Huicheng District jointly launched a promotional campaign, while Gome also kicked off a home appliance promotional event, by offering both discounts and subsidy to consumers.

Coupon collection method

All Huizhou residents can register themselves through a WeChat mini-program between April 30 and May 30, and later participate in an open lottery draw to win the consumption coupons.

The organizer will timely adjust the coupon issuance time slots and frequency based on the number of participating consumers and the actual use of these coupons.

Reported by : LIU Weiwei, YE Xinyu

Editor:   Time:2020-04-28
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