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Resettlement Project of China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park Kicks off

On April 9, the resettlement project of the start-up area of China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park, involving five stand-alone high-rise buildings, officially broke ground, and those affected villagers at the Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone would be able to move into fully furnished residential buildings in the near future.

In line with the construction plan, the resettlement project will cover an area of 52,000 square meters and build high-rise buildings with the total construction area exceeding 210,000 square meters. Phrase one project will include 5 stand-alone buildings, capable of accommodating 560 households and providing 800 parking spaces; while the phrase two project will build more supporting facilities, such as a kindergarten of 15 classes, a central market and a community service center.

Zhongkai District values highly of this resettlement project and has held many coordination meeting to speed up this project. For example, project owner was required to promptly deal with any issue arising from the construction; while the construction contractor was required to implement strict construction safety measures. The goal is to turn this project as an exemplary resettlement project in Huizhou.

According to Mr. Wang Guosong, manager of this construction project, “We will try our best to create a pleasant living environment supported by all the necessary amenities”. With the commencement of resettlement project, Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone will be able to further optimize its urban living environment and add more elements of smart technologies.

However, with the rapid advancement of many construction projects, Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone now encounters many grave problems in relating to land acquisition in four towns, namely Tonghu, Chengjiang, Tongqiao and Lilin. Many villagers will be affected and have to be relocated, and government officials have to try tirelessly to win the support of affected villagers.

In an effort to solve the bottleneck issue, Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone came up with two innovative solutions, namely expedited handling for villagers to claim the compensation for land acquisition and a bungalow-for-high-rise-building scheme, in other words, when villagers’ previous bungalows are demolished, these villagers will be relocated to stay at high-rise resettlement buildings.

It is expected that the phrase one of the resettlement project will be completed in July 2022, and by then, local villagers will be able to move into fully furnished residential buildings supported by all the necessary amenities.

Useful tip

Start-up Area of China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park

China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park is one of the three major China-Korea Industrial Parks established with the approval of the State Council, and is currently the only Chinese-foreign industrial park approved by the State Council in Guangdong Province. A piece of land plot from Zhongkai District, with a size of 56.9 square kilometers, has been included into the China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park as the core zone. The international cooperation park from the Huizhou Tonghu Ecological Smart Zone, with an area of 12.7 square kilometers, is the start-up area for China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park.

In recent year local government has taken active measures to ensure the smooth operation of the start-up area, for example, large-scale municipal road expansion projects were carried out, and Surong, Shendeke, Hanhong and many other high-class enterprises have agreed to settle in Tonghu with the official ground-breaking ceremony held in December last year.

The resettlement project for China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park is therefore a significant public welfare project, ensuring the smooth operation of other projects in the start-up areas.

Reported by: Lin Lijuan, Wei Yilan, Yang Jinghe, Ye Xuxia

Editor:   Time:2020-04-12
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