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Another Mega-scale Investment Project Settled in Huizhou

China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd and Huidong County government signed a cooperation framework agreement on April 14, 2020, agreeing to build an Internet Data Center (IDC) at the Moling Industrial Park at Baihua Town of Huidong County.

With a planned investment of 5 billion yuan, the IDC project will cover an area of 13.3 hectares and a construction area of 190,000 square meters. When completed, it will have 32,000 installed capacity, becoming the data center with the highest technical standard in the region with the service scope covering Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay, entire China or the Southeast Asian region.

A new project with an expected annual output value exceeding 3.2 billion yuan

The world still remains in a period of important strategic development opportunities for the next-generation IT technologies, and the competition for 5G network, data center and other innovative infrastructure have intensified among countries in the world.

This year's Huizhou municipal government’s work report points out clearly that the city would accelerate the development of electronic information industry clustering and 5G, facilitate the settlement of 5G communication equipment, electron components and other high-end electronic information manufacturing projects, and transform the city into a manufacturing base for 5G pan-terminal products and accessories. It is certain that this IDC project will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of information infrastructure of Huizhou and boost the development of local IDC service sector, with the projected output value of 3.2 billion yuan each year. This IDC project can also boost the development of other associated business sectors, with a combined output value of 38 billion yuan.

When operational, this IDC project will enable Huizhou to become a concentration area of data centers, further boost the development and informatization level of Huizhou’s traditionally advantageous sectors, such as digital products, petrochemical industry and manufacturing and help Huizhou's digital economy move in the right direction that is characterized by large-scale and green development, thus providing the much needed support to transform Huizhou into a first-class city in China.

China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd is now taking active measures to facilitate the settlement of a state-level data center project. It has built many data centers in Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and Huizhou, with the combined laboratory space exceeding one million square meters.

To build 1,050 5G base stations amidst this year

By giving full play to its overwhelming advantages in terms of bandwidth, low delay and massive data connection, 5G has gradually become the main artery of social information flow, an accelerator to facilitate industrial transformation and upgrading and a new cornerstone for the digital society. It is expected that this IDC project will greatly enhance the computing capacity of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in the 5G era. When completed, it will meet the unprecedented technical demands, in terms of data transmission speed and low delay strength, by various high-tech sectors, including AI, Internet of Things, big data, multimedia application, animation and cloud computing. With the availability of this information infrastructure, Internet of Everything and the upgrading featuring the integration between 5G and Industrial Internet of Things will eventually become a reality in the Greater Bay Area.

China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd now plans to build 1,050 5G base stations in the middle of this year, covering all 7 central counties/districts in Huizhou; the company will build another 1,000 5G base stations next year, covering all central districts/counties, towns, high-tech parks and arterial traffic lines. By 2022 the 5G network will be introduced to Huizhou’s rural area.

Huizhou offers expedited administrative service

According to a senior executive of China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd, “It only took six months from the initial contact to the final settlement, we were impressed by the efficient administrative services available in Huizhou”. By seizing the rare development opportunities created by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, CPC Huizhou municipal committee and Huizhou municipal government have attached great importance to the development of data centers. Since September last year, CPC Huizhou municipal committee, Huizhou municipal government and Huidong county government had carried out a series of preparatory work in areas such as land use, electricity use and administrative examination and approval, to facilitate the speedy settlement of this IDC project.

In an effort to transform itself into a first-class city in China and create a comfortable lifestyle for local residents, Huizhou has identified high-quality investment promotion as a top priority. Any problem encountered by investors would be promptly addressed and the corresponding countermeasures taken by local governments would be closely supervised by a special task force team. For example, when China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd got in touch with Huizhou government for the first time about the possible investment project in September last year, Huizhou municipal government immediately set up a leadership group to oversee the progress of this large-scale investment project. Such a mechanism proved to be effective in speed up the settlement of investment projects. In October Huidong county government provided four possible land plots for the investment projects, while after considering the actual needs, China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd decided to select the land plot located at the Moling in Baihua Town.

In February this year after gaining approval from China Mobile Group, China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd finally decided to settle the IDC project in Huizhou. According to a senior executive of China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd, “Since we made the initial contact with Huizhou government, local government officials were very supportive and willing to offer all the necessary assistances. The business environment is excellent and we have full confidence about the future development of Huizhou”.

In the middle of February this year, this IDC project was officially listed as a key project for China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd. With a total investment of 5 billion yuan and a construction area for computer rooms exceeding 157,000 square meters, the project is expected to accommodate up to 32,000 computer racks. The phase one project will kick start in 2021 and be operational in 2023; while the phase two project will begin in 2023 and be operational in 2026.

Once receiving the confirmation from China Mobile Croup Guangdong Co., Ltd, Huidong county government held a special coordination meeting on February 22, helping solve three major issues in relating to this project. For example, local government agreed to offer discounted land use price for the project site and complete the land use leasing formalities and formation of land within eight months. Four days later, on February 26, China Mobile Croup officially approved the investment project internally.

This is only an epitome of Huizhou’s many innovative attempts to deepen ideological emancipation, boost the innovation-driven development and create a first-class business environment, thus accelerating the high-quality economic growth.

Reported by : Tan Lin, Huang Ziyuan

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Internet Data Center

Internet Data Center, in short as IDC, refers to a service platform encompassing comprehensive equipment and devices (including high-speed Internet access bandwidth, high-performance local area network, safe and reliable room environment, etc.), professional management and various applications. IDC service providers are able to provide many Internet basic platform services, including server hosting, virtual hosting, mail cache, virtual mail, as well as other value added services, such as site rental services, domain name system services, load balancing systems, database systems, data backup services among others.

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