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Tourism in Huizhou Recovers Rapidly

Many Huizhou residents chose to have a spring outing at various parks and tourist attractions. As the outbreak is not over yet, park management authorities still imposed rigid epidemic prevention measures, and tourists, all wearing masks, were seen taking a leisurely walk or taking photos on a lovely spring day.

The weather was sunny on the first day of the three-day Qingming Festival, and many residents visited the West Lake and Honghua Lake. Staff members of the park management were seen monitoring residents’ body temperature at the entrance of the scenic spot, and posters reminding residents to wear mask were on display prominently. All visitors were cooperative towards these epidemic prevention measures, and some residents would even advise young kids to wear masks before having fun at the park.

According to park management of West Lake scenic spot, higher-level epidemic prevention and control measures were in place, the tourist center was equipped with all kinds of disinfection supplies, only outdoor greening space was open to the public and 7 body temperature monitoring check points were set up. It is estimated that during the three-day Qingming Festival the park has handled 18,000 visitors, invluding 14,000 visitors on the frist day, and 3,000 and 1,000 visitors on the following two days.

Many tourist attractions were open to the public during this year’s Qingming Festival. For example, Huaweinikai scenic spot in Boluo County was open on April 2. In an effort to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, the number of visitors per day was capped at 2,000. According to the management team, the scenic spot handled 1,000 tourists on the first day of the festival.

According to market insiders, the tourism sector of Huizhou City is rapidly recovering and a new tourist peak is likely to occur in the upcoming May Day holiday. As the epidemic is not over yet, tourists are still required to comply with epidemic control and prevention procedures, such as waiting in line, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

Reported by: TAN Lin with Huizhou Daily

Editor:   Time:2020-04-07
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