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Huizhou Sees a YOY 18% Increase of the High-tech Enterprises

Total number of high-tech enterprises in Huizhou expected to reach 1,600.

According to the latest information from Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau, a total of 465 enterprises passed the verification as high-tech enterprises last year, with the total number of high-tech enterprises reaching 1,305, an increase of 200 year on year. Huizhou will continue facilitating the cultivation of high-tech enterprises, and this year’s target is to have a total of 1,600 high-tech enterprises.

A total of 465 Huizhou-based enterprises being verified as high-tech enterprises last year

Huizhou values highly of the cultivation of high-tech enterprises. In October 2018, the city introduced theImplementation Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of High-tech Enterprises. A number of selected enterprises with great potentials but having not met the essential certification standards yet will undergo an extensive cultivation tutoring program, covering overall innovation element improvements in areas such as management system, innovation capacity enhancement and IPR, and those who succeed in becoming certified high-tech enterprises can be incentivized by a financial award of 50,000 yuan for each enterprise.

In addition, enterprises are encouraged to take part in the high-tech enterprise recognition scheme. For example, Huizhou will offer a financial award of 200,000 yuan to an enterprise that has been recognized as a state-level high-tech enterprise, and county/district government will offer similar financial award. For a high-tech enterprise agreeing to settle in Huizhou, the financial award is 3 million yuan for an above-designated-scale enterprise, and 500,000 yuan for a below-designated-scale enterprise.

Huizhou saw a rising number of high-tech enterprises last year. A total of 465 enterprises were newly recognized as high-tech enterprises, a net increase of 200. There are now a total of 1,305 certified high-tech enterprises in Huizhou, an increase of 18% year on year. These enterprises are able to access favorable enterprise income tax policies between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2021. In addition, a total of 1,021 local enterprises were certified as high-tech SMEs last year. Huizhou saw an increase of 88 municipal-level engineering technology R&D centers last year, and at least 48% of the industrial enterprises above designated scale have set up their respective R&D centers.

Huizhou takes active measures to facilitate the settlement of more high-tech enterprises

Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau launched a “Top 100 Innovative Enterprises Cultivation Program” this year, aiming to enhance the innovation capacity of high-tech enterprises. On February 11, Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau held an online tutoring training program, with the participation involving over 300 professionals from 40 science and technology service agencies in the city.

The content of this training program covers patent portfolio, incubation, science and technology SME evaluation and high-tech enterprise recognition scheme among others. A QQ-based video conferencing mode was selected and all participants could interact with each other by raising questions.

On April 3, Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau started accepting high-tech enterprise verification applications, and all provincial-level high-tech enterprise verification materials will be disclosed at in three batches, and each enterprise is required to submit its application once only. A resident enterprise registered within the administrative area of Guangdong Province (excluding Shenzhen) for more than one year, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 11 of the Measures for the Identification and Administration of High-tech Enterprises, may apply for the identification of high-tech enterprises.

Enterprises identified as high-tech enterprises in 2017 shall apply for re-identification upon the expiration of the qualification of high-tech enterprises at the end of this year. If an enterprise identified as a high-tech enterprise in 2017 changes its name or place of registration, it shall first complete the change of the relevant matters of the high-tech enterprise, and then apply for the identification of the high-tech enterprise. High-tech enterprises identified in 2018 and 2019 are still within the validity period and shall not apply for recognition in advance.

According to Huizhou Science and Technology Bureau, the city will continue introducing active measures to facilitate the settlement of high-tech enterprises and the cultivation of high-tech enterprises. Huizhou’s target is to have a total of 1,600 high-tech enterprises by the end of this year.

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