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A World-class Production Line Expected to be Operational in Huizhou this July

The phrase three of flexible laminated battery project of Huizhou Yiwei Energy Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of EVE Energy, is located at the no. 40 community of Huifengqi Road of Chengjiang Street in Zhongkai High-tech Zone of Huizhou. It is also a provincial-level key project. This construction site was in a state of hustle and bustle: imported automatic production equipment ready to be installed, the roar of the engines of large transport vehicles and construction vehicles, newly arrived construction workers waiting to have their body temperature checked.

Covering an area of 200 mu and with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, this project saw the beginning of construction on March 28 last year. When completed, this project will have a projected production capacity of 5.8GWh and an estimated production value of 5 billion yuan.

This project is of great significance for made-in-China power battery, especially flexible laminated battery, to enlarge its market share globally and to change the global market supply chain.

This project expected to be fully operational by the end of this year

According to Mr. Liu Haokun, director of Huizhou Yiwei Enengy Co., Ltd, “when this project is operational, its production capacity can meet the demand for over 120,000 new energy vehicles”. It is likely that this much-anticipated project will be operation in the middle of July this year, creating a significant impact on the global landscape of power-battery supply.

According to Mr. Deng, “this phase three project is of milestone significance to EVE Energy”. The project is designed to penetrate the high-end new energy passenger car market, with the product mix covering automotive soft-pack battery cell, module and energy storage products. It is likely that this project will be fully operational by the end of this year, with a projected annual production volume exceeding 5 billion yuan, a direct employment size of 1,000 people and indirect employment size of 2,000 people.

The phase two project was operational on April 10 last year, with the production volume reaching 3GWh this year. When the phase three project is put into use, the combined production volume of Yiwei Energy is expected to reach 8.8 GWh, with a total sales value of 5 billion yuan.

To promote innovation in the new energy industry

According to Mr. Deng, “In the past power battery market was mainly dominated by foreign enterprises; when this project is put into use, it will greatly improve China’s power of influence in this industry.” In other words, Yiwei Energy’s R&D strength will be recognized by international clients; for an innovation-driven enterprise like Yiwei Energy, it is a great encouragement and affirmation.

In addition, Yiwei Energy’s patent technology, titled “ZL201310699023.1: material and preparation method of cathode of lithium ion battery”, was awarded a 21st National Outstanding Innovation title by State Intellectual Property Office, the fourth time for Yiwei to win this prestigious award.

Mr. Deng said, “Yiwei Energy is not the only beneficiary of this round of technological upgrading, but also Huizhou’s new energy sector and even the global new energy sector.” This patent technology was a lithium ion power battery core material technology, providing a technical solution to the safety problem of high specific energy battery material under high power output.

According to Mr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman and President of Yiwei Energy, “this project will greatly improve Yiwei’s power of influence in the power battery sector in the world, enabling China to enhance the global market share of power energy and change the global supply landscape”. Moreover, this project will facilitate the healthy development of equipment manufacturing and technological service sector, and eventually help enable the corner overtaking of China’s electric automobile industry.

Efforts made to cultivate world-advanced technology

At the ground-breaking ceremony, Mr. Liu Jincheng pointed out that “Yiwei Energy will spare no effort to develop world-advanced standards in terms of technological level, production line, quality management and talent team; and a world-class power battery production base is about to rise.”

According to Mr. Deng, the new product has many high-tech features, such as long life span, recycled use for 1500-2000 times and high energy density that can sustain a cruising ability of 500 to 700 km for an electric vehicle. In addition, the new product allows 30-minute rapid charge, up to 80% of the full capacity, and rapid charge will not jeopardize the life span of the batteries.

As for the technical features of this flexible laminated battery project, from the plant’s architectural design, production line design, to the product design, process design, and so on, each parameter is a direct result of continuous optimization, demonstration and data summary.

The project is also blessed by elite talents. Apart from over 40 doctoral researchers from home and abroad sustaining the technological progress, elite technical experts from around the globe are invited to share their expertise. According to Mr. Deng, “Yiwei Energy now has over 700 researchers in its R&D team, and the size will further grow to 1,000”.

Lured by Yiwei Energy’s advanced technologies and quality products, many internationally reputable enterprises, such as Daimler AG, have signed long-term cooperation agreements with Yiwei; and now Yiwei is ready to mass produce its products to its clients.

“Our production capacity now fails to meet the rising demand. This phase three project is designed to meet the market demand; however, the market potentials are more than meeting the needs of automobile enterprises”, said Mr. Deng. Yiwei has acquired essential technological know-how and production management experiences, and supported by China’s excellent industrial foundation and supporting capacity of industrial chain, Mr. Deng believes that, “We are capable of producing the world’s finest batteries, and we will become a world-leading battery manufacturer.”

This project is of significance in other aspect, as it will be the first China-Korea joint project to be settled at the China-Korea (Huizhou) Industrial Park; and the exemplary role of this project will certainly help attract more high-quality Korean projects to settle in the park and further promote closer cooperation between China and Republic of Korea.

To make up the time lost in the fight against epidemic

According to Mr. Deng, “The project has to be postponed by thecoronavirus outbreak”. The new project was expected to be operational in early July this year in accordance with the original plan; however, it is likely to be delayed till the middle or the end of July.

In an effort to ensure the on-schedule operation of this project, the project team immediately set up an epidemic control and prevention leading group. In addition, Zhongkai High-tech Zone also sent special task force teams to offer technical guidance on epidemic control and prevention and work resumption related preparation.

Mr. Deng said, “The government has been very supportive, in terms of provision of epidemic control and prevention materials, labor-related support and bank loan with favorable interest rate.”

Mr. Deng further reveals that the project is now in the crucial stages of equipment move-in and installation, “We will try our best to minimize the interference of these two key steps, and we need to make up the time lost in the fight against the epidemic. We are going to make that happen and I am confident about it.”

The construction project saw its resumption of work on February 17, and till now the number of on-duty workers has exceeded 500, accounting for 90% of the total. It is likely that the remaining vacancies can be filled in the middle of this month. Moreover, 30% of the equipment and devices have been successfully installed.

Reported by:YANG Jinhe, LIN Lijun, WEI Yilan, LIN Jinyun

Editor:   Time:2020-03-16
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