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Huizhou Speeds up the High-quality Development of Industrial Parks

A working meeting on industrial investment facilitation & industrial park development of Huizhou was held on March 18, 2020. Mr. Liu Ji, Deputy Secretary of CPC Huizhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Huizhou stressed in the meeting that all functional departments should attach great importance to the stable industrial growth and the development of industrial parks and endeavor to meet the annual development targets. Vice mayors of Huizhou, including Mr. Yu Jinfu, Lin Hong and Feng Qichong, attended the meeting.

Mr. Liu Ji pointed out that industrial development, in particular industrial investment and industrial parks, was of vital importance to Huizhou’s high quality development. Firstly Huizhou shall closely observe the global economic impact caused by thecoronavirus outbreak and enhance the sense of urgency and sense of responsibility in speeding up the development of industrial projects and industrial parks. It is therefore important to analyze internal and external influence factors objectively and stay firm in achieving the pre-determined development goals. Secondly Huizhou shall, by taking the operating rate and completion rate as leverage, strength communication and coordination in providing all the necessary assistances, such as labor and power supply, to enterprises. Government agencies at different levels shall take proactive measures in helping enterprises speed up the administrative formality handling concerning the industrial projects. Thirdly Huizhou shall take active measures to enhance the quality level of its industrial parks, by setting up an ambitious goal of developing county-level industrial parks each with an annual production volume of 100 billion yuan. By benchmarking against Dongguan Songshan Lake, all districts and countries in Huizhou shall try innovatively in developing industrial parks with distinct preferential industries. A coordinated mechanism shall be set up to deal with the inefficient use of land. By focusing on various preferential industries, Huizhou shall introduce and cultivate the development of upstream and downstream projects, so as to form the industrial clustering. In addition, both county governments and district governments shall formulate their respective pro-business policies and incentives, so that various capitals can be attracted to participate in the economic development of Huizhou.

Vice mayors of Huizhou, including Mr. Yu Jinfu, Lin Hong and Feng Qichong, all expressed their constructive opinions in speeding up the industrial investment and industrial parks in Huizhou.

Government officials at district/county levels presented their work reports at the meeting.

Reported by: DAI Jian

Editor:   Time:2020-03-19
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