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Key Industrial Chains ALL Resume Work in Huizhou


A workshop at Huizhou Maoshuo Energy Technology Co., Ltd

In our visit to the work shop of Shenghong Technology Co., Ltd, many production lines are fully operational. A senior manager told us, “As for production capacity resumption, we are progressing well”. Till now, the number of frontline workers has exceeded 5,000, with the production capacity reaching 90% of the total.

Apart from making efforts to carry out epidemic prevention and control initiative, electronic enterprises in Huizhou also took action to resume operation. Till March 7, the work resumption rate among electronic enterprises in Huizhou had reached 99%, and the work resumption rate among key industrial chain was 100%.

Over 700,000 masks provided to electronic enterprises to speed up work resumption

Huizhou established its Association of the Electronic Information Industry at the end of last year, with the number of member enterprises exceeding 100. The Association has taken active measures in helping its members acquire epidemic prevention and control materials, so that these enterprises can resume production at an early stage.

According to a senior manager of the Association, “The procurement of adequate masks, protective clothing, disinfection supplies, thermometers and other prevention and control materials is a prerequisite for enterprises to carry out the resumption of work and production”. With the guidance by Huizhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Association appointed designated personnel to get in touch with mask manufacturers, who would provide the follow-up services in terms of mask quality, delivery date and production progress, so that the end products can be promptly delivered to member enterprises.

It is roughly estimated that the Association has assisted its member enterprises in purchasing nearly 700,000 masks, 300 thermometers and 4 tons of disinfection-related products.

The Association also offers assistance to its member enterprises in recruiting new employees. On the one hand, it timely released recruitment information in inland cities, luring in migrant workers to work in Huizhou; on the other hand, the Association helps enterprises with sever labor shortage problem to get in touch with various recruitment platforms.

Member enterprises donate epidemic prevention and control goods worth 40 million yuan

As an important national-level electronic information industry base with global significance, Huizhou is the forerunner in Guangdong in terms of electronic information industry output value. The city is home to TCL, Desay, BYD, ADAYO, Lenovo, Longcheer, Biel and many other leading enterprises, with an aim of developing itself into a first-class city in China with an electronic information industry cluster with the output value exceeding one trillion yuan.

By leveraging their respective strength, member enterprises of the Association donated money and goods to charity groups, medical organizations, government departments responsible for epidemic prevention and control as well as hospitals in Hubei province. It is roughly estimated that the value of donated goods has exceeded 40 million yuan, in particular TCL and its subsidiary companies had launched several rounds of donation campaigns, with the donation value exceeding 20.51 million yuan.

Besides offering direct assistance to Huibei, member enterprises also actively took part in epidemic prevention and control locally in Huizhou. For example, Desay donated 3 million yuan to Huizhou Charity Federation; Dehong Technology donated 2, 000 protection suits and disinfectant fluid worth 200,000 yuan to Huiyang District Disease Control and Prevention Center, as well as 2,000 protective suits to Danshui community.

Reported by: XIE Baoshu

Editor:   Time:2020-03-09
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