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Make efforts to build Energy Industry Base and Innovation Center for the Greater Bay Area

Technology is the primary productive force, and innovation is the first driving force for development.

In the new wave of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, technology and innovation capabilities have become the new kinetic energy of development.

According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (hereafter as "the Plan"), an international technology innovation center with global influence is one of the strategic positions of the Greater Bay Area. The Plan proposes the Greater Bay area to aim at the forefront of world science and technology and industrial development, strengthen the construction of innovation platforms, vigorously develop new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new models, and to build an important source of global science and technology innovation highlands and emerging industries.

Reporter learned from Huizhou Scientific and Technological Innovation Work conference held on June 12 that during the construction of the Greater Bay Area, Huizhou continued to exert its efforts in building an industrial cluster with a "2+1" modern. Huizhou will build a high-level innovation platform and strive to build an energy industry base and innovation center in the Greater Bay Area.

Research & Development

The city's R & D investment increased to 2.3% of GDP

"The development of integrated circuit design and technology is fast, return period is long, and the development pressure of enterprises is high." Ziguang Spreadtrum Communications (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone, is expected to enjoy a tax reduction of nearly 20 million yuan for its 2018 income tax settlement. Based on this, the company will continue to launch a number of new research and development projects this year to gain greater market share.

Ziguang Spreadtrum is one of the technology companies that have benefited from the implementation of innovative development strategies and optimized innovation and development environment. Since last year, Huizhou has implemented innovation-driven strategies in depth, the city's R&D investment has increased to 2.3% of GDP. Three new provincial-level R&D institutions have been identified, and 20 million yuan of subsidies have been obtained. The number of complements ranks second in the province. In order to support development of science and technology innovation enterprises, according to relevant national and provincial policies, the city reduced and exempted high-tech enterprise income tax of 556 million yuan, helped enterprises to obtain 37 loans totaling 367 million yuan through patent pledge.

The construction of high-end innovation platform in Huizhou is also accelerating. Among them, the "two major scientific installations" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been launched, and the Guangdong Provincial Laboratory Construction Leading Group for Energy Science and Technology has been established. At the same time, the development of innovative industry, high-tech manufacturing industry and advanced manufacturing industry account for 40.4% and 70.6% of the above scale industries respectively, ranking the forefront of the province; the total number of high-tech enterprises reached 1,105, an increase of 40%.

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau admitted that there are still weak links in the scientific and technological innovation work of the city, mainly because the innovation resources are relatively insufficient, and there is still a certain gap compared with the advanced cities in the Pearl River Delta. Quantities and qualities of high-tech enterprises, new R&D institutions and business incubators are relatively backward; proportion of municipal science and technology public finance expenditures to public finance expenditure is still low, total growth is slow; major original scientific research results are few; integration of science, technology, industry and funds is not enough, and development of science and technology service industry is relatively lagging behind. It is difficult for venture capital investments, angel funds, and financial products and services to better support enterprises in technological innovation.

Science and Innovation Corridor

Encourage Huizhou enterprises to dock high-end research and development platform

"International Technology Innovation Center with Global Influence" is one of the strategic positioning of Greater Bay Area plan. The development of Greater Bay Aera will aim at the forefront of world science and technology and industrial development, strengthen the construction of innovation platform, and vigorously develop new technologies, new industries and new formats to accelerate formation of an economic system with innovation as the main driving force and support. The Plan mentioned a promotion of the work of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor (hereafter as the Corridor)

According to reports, the city will focus on accelerating the work of docking Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao science and technology innovation industries, cultivating and expanding innovative enterprises, and building a high-level innovation platform. Therefore the city will link high-end innovation resources, and encourage Huizhou enterprises to actively connect with Guangzhou Science City, Dongguan Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, Shenzhen High-tech Zone and other ten major R&D platforms, share their high-end R&D services. Huizhou will select key docking areas from 37 cities along the Corridor according to the geographical location to attract high-quality enterprises to Huizhou.

The development of science and technology is inseparable from the cultivation and expansion of innovative enterprises. It is reported that the city will speed up the implementation of the "Top 50 High-growth Technology Enterprises" training program, select 50 high-growth technology enterprises, and make precise measures to create favorable conditions for enterprises to obtain financing on the board of science and technology and GEM, help them to improve quality and increase efficiency. Huizhou strives to have more than 1,300 high-tech enterprises this year. At the same time, it actively responds to the impact of Sino-US trade frictions, conducts in-depth research, understands the status quo of affected enterprises in the city, and introduces measures in a targeted manner, and strives to break through the "bottle-neck" technologies; increases efforts to promote industrial enterprises to increase investment in research and development, establishes R&D institutions and 50 engineering technology research and development centers at or above the municipal level, and strive to encourage 48% or more of enterprises above scale to set up own R&D centers. 

Build "two scientific devices" in high standards

Huizhou, which is deeply involved in the construction of Greater Bay Area, is now focusing on building a "2+1" industrial cluster. The "Government Work Report" proposes the city to build an open innovation platform and carrier to enhance its ability of innovative resource agglomeration and innovation achievements transformations, and to accelerate its formation of an new highland and engine with the strongest innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the construction of a high-level innovation platform, the city will promote the construction of the "two major scientific facilities" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, speed up the establishment of the provincial laboratory for energy science and technology, and strive to obtain its provincial approval for the construction plan before the end of the year. Huizhou will also promote the construction of the energy science park in Renping Peninsula Huizhou, making the city an technological innovation center for energy industry in the Greater Bay Area. It will promote establishment of Innovation and Research Institute of internet industry in the city, increases transformation speed of electronic information industry. It will make efforts to establish petrochemical R&D institutes to provide technical supports for the world class eco petrochemical industry base.At the same time, we will introduce a number of R&D institutions that meet the actual needs of Huizhou industry in a targeted and forward-looking manner, enhance the capabilities of existing R&D institutions, and encourage one or two leading enterprises to set up their R&D institutions.

In terms of accelerating the construction of the incubation system, the city will rely on the Huinan Science and Technology Park in Zhongnan High-tech Zone and the Daya Bay Science and Technology Innovation Center to build a full-chained, full-featured professional incubator (start-up nursery+incubator+accelerator+industry park), and take good use of land policy for new industries, and revitalize the existing idle land to construct incubators, we strive to have 44 incubators and 38 this year strive for the total number of incubators There are 44 homes and 38 creative spaces. 

In promoting the transfer of scientific and technological achievements, the city will give full play to the advantages of science and technology and industry in the Greater Bay Area, actively attract and connect global innovation resources, and promote the cooperation between Huizhou enterprises and universities and colleges worldwide to strengthen their cooperation, promote construction of the demonstration zone for national science and technology achievements transformation, actively preparing for the third session of the Science and Technology Fair. We will encourage signed projects to utilize their advantages, build an integrated platform for technical services and transactions, and create a science and technology fair never ends.

Reported by:Liu Haowei, Li Xiangying, Liu Chuanhe

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