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Huizhou's "2+1" Industrial Cluster Seeks High-Speed Growth

HuIzhou is scheduled to complete 254 key projects. The city has attracted 21.3 billion yuan in investment for the first four months of 2019, a 1.6% growth year-on-year

Based on information obtained from the Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau, this year, the city has set the target to complete 254 key projects, with an annual investment plan of 68.97 billion yuan. From January to April this year, Huizhou has managed to attract 21.38 billion yuan in investment, completing 31% of the annual goal, which marked a 1.6% growth over last year. A total of 133 industrial projects in 9 categories have been completed, with an accumulated investment of 12.28 billion yuan, accounting for 38% of the annual investment plan. The fulfilled investment amount has taken up 57.4% of the total project investment volume. These data suggested that the "2+1" industrial cluster, which is regarded as the cornerstone of the modern economic system of Huizhou, is undergoing rapid growth.

Investment volume of 13 projects exceed 60% of the annual plan

This year, Huizhou aims to finish 254 key projects, including 133 industrial projects. From January to April, the projects related to the "2+1" industrial clusters, including the new generation of information technology, heavy and petrochemical industries are able to attract the most investments.

According to figures from the Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau, in the first four months of this year, projects in the fields of new generation of information technology, heavy industries and petrochemical have attracted 6.3 million yuan in capital, accounting for over 50% of the total industrial project investment target (12.28 billion yuan) . The investment amount and progress have ranked among the top amid the nine categories of industrial projects.  

In the field of the new generation of information technology, an investment amount of 4.44 billion yuan has been completed from January to April this year, taking up 39.6% of the annual planned investment volume. Among them, DBG Holdings is in the process of preparing for the third phase of its project. When the project is put into production, the annual production capacity of its Huizhou headquarters will exceed 100 million units, making the company one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in China. So far, 51% of the investment plan for the DBG project has been completed. Another mobile phone maker, Biel crystal (Huizhou) manufactory Ltd., has three investment projects totaling 13 billion yuan, namely the Yonghu High-tech Park, Sanhe Production Base and Danshui Base, and 42%, 60% and 73% of the investment amount for these three projects have been completed respectively. At the TCL Group's integrated intelligent manufacturing industry base, the Phase I of the CSOT project has been officially put into operation, which is expected to complete 39.18% of the annual investment plan by the end of April.

Officials from the Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau said:"From January to April this year, 13 construction projects, including the low-speed electric vehicle part production project from Longmen Red New Energy Vehicle, the second phase of the Zhongkai Longcheer Company project, the high performance magnetic material base project from Guangzhou Golden South Magnetic Material in Longmen County, the new environmental-friendly decorative board production base project and the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone project in Huicheng District, are going smoothly, fulfilling over 60% of the city annual investment plan."

In addition, projects such as the Yinhe Technology lithium battery automation equipment production line project, the Huizhou Desay SV Automotive electronic mobile Internet technology industrialization project, the Biwin Huizhou project, the Huizhou Gaoshengda Technology Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing project, the second phase project of the Unilumin LED production base, the Longmen County smart wearable production base project, have completed more than 40% of their annual investment goals.

The newly-started project attracted an investment of 6.08 billion yuan, with the ongoing projects accounting for 39.5% of the new projects.

The newly-started projects have always been a gauge of the city's construction progress. According to statistics, 86 of Huizhou's major construction projects are new ones, with an investment amount of 6.08 billion yuan. In the first four months of 2019, 34 new projects have kick-started operations, finishing 30.6% of the annual investment plan. The number of newly-started projects has accounted for 39.5% of the total number of new projects.

The infrastructure construction project has lured in investments worth of 8.45 billion yuan from January to April this year, which equals to 25.2% of the annual investment plan. Among them, the extension project of the east section of Huizhou Avenue, the Huidong County Road 213 and the coastal road upgrade project and the electric and pipeline network relocation project for the Huizhou section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen rail line have fulfilled 51.5%, 66.93% and 38.11% of the annual investment plans respectively.

Meanwhile, in terms of the highly-anticipated hydraulic engineering projects, the Luotang Canal minor drainage management and water environment improvement project, the Dahu Xili water environment rectification project and the Chentang River water environment rectification project have completed 42.47%, 65% and 70.75% of their respective annual investment aims. 

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