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TCL Launches World’s first 5G+8K TV

Live streaming at The 2019 World Conference on Ultra HD Video (4K/8K) Industry




The 2019 World Conference on Ultra HD Video (4K/8K) Industry, jointly sponsored by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, National Radio and Television Administration, Central Radio and Television Station and Guangdong Provincial Government, was held in Guangzhou on May 9. TCL presented the world’s first 5G8K QLED TV at the event, and conducted the 8k live streaming at the speed of with the 4Gbps, which was considered as the peak 5G transmission speed.

It is known that TCL’s X10 QLED 8K TV is able to pick up 8K signals with various connection modes, including WiFi, WLAN, 5GDongle, USB3.0, HDMI 2.1 and Cable.

To address the 8k content shortage problem, this TV, equipped by TCL’s self-developed super picture quality improvement algorithm, is able to upgrade 720P, 1080P, 4K and other low resolution signals into 8K signals, with the algorithm covering adaptive interpolation frames, contour elevation and grey scale ascension.

In addition, the TV applies the professional QLED 8K chip and has a 8K screen with the definition exceeding 33.18 million pixel, which is 4 times of that for 4k TV. This TV has an extended color gamut reaching 157%. TCL also presented the live streaming of 8k technology. Through the 8K shooting seats set up at the Guangzhou Tower with Telecom, TCL TV was able to perform the live streaming of 8k imageries with the 5G transmission as high as 4Gbp, with the clarity close to the human eye perception limit.

Mr. Li Dongsheng, Chairman of the Board of TCL Group and CEO of TCL, delivered a key-note speech at the conference. He pointed out that video would be the main carrier of information dissemination in today's society, video information had accounted for 60% of the current network traffic and this figure will rise to 85%, and it is expected that in 2019 China's ultra-high-definition video industry output value will reach 1.5 trillion yuan. Among ultra HD video industrial chain, ultra-HD TV is the most mature technology with the widest application use. A total of 31.9 million 4K TV sets were sold in China in 2018, accounting for 67% of the total TV sold, far beyond the world’s average of 35%. In line with a market research paper, China will become the world’s largest 4k TV market by 2020, with the number of subscribed users exceeding 120 million.

It is advantageous for TCL to develop ultra-HD TV industry. Firstly TCL has a mature technology on smart terminals. In 2018 TCL sold over 28.6 million TV sets, becoming the world’s second largest TV manufacturer. Secondly TCL is supported by a leading display technology. Two TCL’s generation-11 ultra-HD panel production lines were put into use last year, and TCL also launched a national flexible display innovation center last year. TCL will continue to make technological innovation in the fields of quantum dot technology, printing OLED material and component technology.

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