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27 Huizhou-based Enterprises Recruit Talents in Hubei Province


Many job seekers attend the Huizhou-exclusive job fairs


In an effort to strengthen university-industry cooperation and to address the talent demands by the city’s key enterprises, Huizhou Human Resource and Social Security Bureau held a Huizhou-exclusive job fair at the Hubei National University between May 9 and 11.


517 resumes are received and 101 employment intention letters are signed at the event

At total of 27 Huizhou-based enterprises, including Huizhou Bielcrystal Co., Ltd, Huizhou Evebattery Co., Ltd and Huizhou No.6 People’s Hospital, attended the job fair, offering over 900 job vacancies in the fields of R&D, project management, human resources management, internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, medical imaging and medical examination.

On May 10, many job seekers were seen queuing in lines at different exhibition booths of the event; while HR managers asked questions and collected resumes from job seekers, and they even exchanged Wechat account for further communication.

According to Mr. Huang, HR manager of Huizhou Bielcrystal Co., Ltd, “The job fair is a complete success in terms of the number of applicants and their professional competence, and we hope that these job seekers will encourage their junior classmates to join our company.”

According to Mr. Yu, HR manager for the Huizhou Evebattery Co., Ltd, “These job seekers have done their homework prior to attending the job fair. They have gained some basic knowledge about Huizhou and our company, and the interviews are run in a fast and efficient manner. It is a fruitful trip for us.”

Recruiters received a total of 517 resumes, and signed employment intention letters with 101 job seekers. 5 medical institutions from Huizhou received 84 resumes at the event, and signed employment intention letters with 23 job seekers.


The signing of cooperation agreement helps strengthen university-industry cooperation

On the afternoon of May 10, a signing ceremony for closer university-industry cooperation between Hubei National University and Huizhou Human Resource and Social Security Bureau was held. Admissions and Employment Work Office from the university gave a brief introduction to the status quo of the university, including its history, academic majors and employment status, and expressed their willingness in helping Huizhou enterprises recruit more competent college graduates. Huizhou enterprises taking part in the event presented their publicity brochures, played video clips to demonstrate their corporate strength and expressed their satisfaction with the academic competence of college graduates from Hubei National University.

After the meeting, 5 Huizhou enterprises signed internship cooperation agreement with the university, agreeing to accept 405 interns from the university in the near future. Huizhou No. 6 People’s Hospital also signed a MOU with the university. The university expressed its hope that, through frequent online and offline communication activities, the university and Huizhou-based enterprises could further promote closer university-industry cooperation.


Huizhou to continue strengthening university-industry cooperation

The Huizhou-exclusive job fair held in Hubei National University is designed to give full play to the university’s human resource advantage and encourage the university’s graduates to find jobs in Huizhou.

This kind of job fair works well in attracting the high-end talents to work in Huizhou, and Huizhou Human Resource and Social Security Bureau now plans to create a “1+1+1”employment mode, which is referred to as the one publicity event, one job fair and one university-industry seminar. The publicity event will help candidate job seekers learn more about Huizhou, including its geographical location, culture, talent policy, corporate culture, benefits and entitlement, which will help build a win-win relation between job seekers and enterprises. In the near future, Huizhou Human Resource and Social Security Bureau will continue strengthening university-industry cooperation and ensuring the follow-up effect of the job fair by signing more university-industry cooperation agreements.

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