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Guiding Enterprises to Embrace Transformation and Upgrading amid Competition

Today (April 26, 2019) marks the 19th World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, and Huizhou city has gained updated achievements in patent licensing for several key industries. On April 25, 2019, as one of the important events promoting the “Intellectual Property Week” in Huizhou, a conference releasing the achievements of navigation in three patent-related key industries in the city was held, including soft packing lithium-ion batteries, QLED display technology and LED screens.


The number of patent application and licensing in Huizhou city in 2019 reached 21,643 and 14,705 respectively, with the invention patent ownership hitting 12.99 pieces per 10,000 people. This year marks the final year for Huizhou to build itself into a national-level intellectual property demonstration city with high criteria, and the city is striving to increase the invention patent ownership to 14 or above per 10,000 people.


The achievements of patent navigation are guidance for industrial development planning and decision-making for company operation


Currently Huizhou city is experiencing the critical stage for transformative development, and is setting higher requirements for intensifying intellectual property protection. This year, Huizhou organizes a promotional week campaign for World Intellectual Property Day with a focus on “strengthening intellectual property protection, creating world-class business environment”.


The conference releasing the achievements of patent navigation attracted the participation of a number of high-tech enterprises and companies with patent trademarks. The achievements of patent navigation are guidance for industrial development planning and decision-making for company operation, enabling innovation entities to grasp the latest updates of the world's high-tech R&D process and industrial development in a timely manner, guiding enterprises to achieve breakthrough in effectively responding to market competition, accelerating supply-side structural reform and industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as realizing high quality development.


"Such conference for achievement release is very rewarding", said relevant personnel from Huizhou HEG Technology Co., Ltd, adding that the conference gave a lesson to enterprises on how to gain a foothold in the market from the perspective of the patent layout and win broader development space. Local enterprises can obtain more patent information by attending enterprise exchange and typical case analyzing activities organized in Huizhou, which will guide enterprises to go abroad and find effective countermeasures in face of patent disputes.


Huizhou is striving to increase the invention patent ownership to 14 or above per 10,000 people in 2019

At present, the number of patent applications for soft packing lithium-ion batteries in Huizhou city reaches as high as 285, accounting for 6% of the total patents in Guangdong. Huizhou is an important participant in the innovation of soft packing lithium-ion battery technology and a core production base of power batteries throughout the province and even the whole country. Moreover, Huizhou has become an important LED screen industrial base in China. The city boasts over 100 companies for LED screen manufacture, and forms a cluster of full industry chains.


At the patent navigation achievements release conference, professionals and technicians from different enterprises analyzed the patent application situation from multiple levels of the world, China, Guangdong and Huizhou, revealing the future directions of structural adjustments, market demand and technological development for the three key industries of lithium-ion battery, QLED display technology and LED screens. Attendees at the conference facilitated the deepened integration of patent analysis and industrial decision-making, enhanced the gathering of intellectual property, leading talents and industrial capital, and ultimately drafted the Analysis Report on Patent Information and Navigation Program for relevant industries.


"The achievements of patent navigation program can provide professional advice for enterprises in transformation and upgrading, as well as improving the overall competitiveness of regional industries," said relevant personnel at Huizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, highlighting that this year is the final year for Huizhou's high-standard construction of national intellectual property demonstration city. Huizhou will continue elevating patent quality, and strive to have more than 45 newly-added enterprises certified for the implementation of standards, and increase the invention patent ownership to 14 or above per 10,000 people.

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