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Huizhou Opens First 5G Base Station


                                               Technicians are installing the 5G base station.


On the evening of March 15, Huizhou successfully launched its first 5G base station, which was one of the city’s first batch of outdoor 5G stations that aimed to provide public service. As of now, 5G network has covered central areas of the city, including the municipal government, Huizhou Sports Park, Huamao Mall, Huizhou Cultural and Art Center.


The development and deployment of 5G communication network technology is one of the representatives of the new generation of information technology, and it is also the foundation of the new generation of information technology development.


This 5G base station has acquired the end-to-end 5G network service display capability. By applying the 5G-SA technology, this 5G base station doesn’t need to reply on 4G network to achieve the communication control. The construction project is relatively expensive in terms of the investment on network infrastructure and upgrading, however, this station, compared to station built with the NSA solution, has an ultra low latency and is able to make huge amounts of connections at the same time, which help create a solid foundation for the high-quality operation of 5G network and the service provision of new generation information service in Huizhou.


Through testing by professional equipment and devices, the peak rate for the demonstration station reaches 1.6Gbps, while this figure for the CPE device that was open to individual users reached 0.8Gbps, which were 10 to 20 times of that in using 4G network. It is very likely that with the further tuning and optimization, users are able to access to much better experience.


At present, Huizhou Mobile is fully carrying out 5G network verification and business verification, and actively promotes 5G applications, and has been fully ahead of time to start 5G base station site selection and the transmission network cable pipeline construction. Huizhou Mobile now plans to invest 1.5 billion yuan on 5G network in the next three years and promotes the wider use of 5G-enabled applications. In line with Huizhou’s mid-term development plan, over 1,050 5G base stations will be built by 2020, enabling the coverage of 5G signals in the downtown area of Huizhou, core areas in the districts or counties.



Huizhou will build a total of 1,850 5G base stations by the end of next year, enabling the 5G coverage among all central areas, high-tech industrial zones and main transportation lines; and till 2021 the city will build a total of 3010 5G base stations, allowing the full coverage in all districts, towns and industrial zones, as well as hot spots in rural areas of Huizhou.


Reporter: TAN Lin

Editor:   Time:2019-03-18
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