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Huizhou Accelerates the Development of Marine Economy



The bird’s eye view of Dalajia Island of Daya Bay


Facing the sea, one can have a farther and wider view. The Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area points out clearly that Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area should accelerate the development of marine economy.


The wind is favorable to start a great voyage. Many NPC deputies, CPPCC members and market experts voiced their opinions that Huizhou should seize this rare opportunity created by the development of the Greater Bay Area. Effort should be made to strengthen regional cooperation, explore the marine economy and jointly build a modern marine industrial base.


Huizhou has a solid foundation to develop marine economy.

According to Mr. An Ran, Deputy Director and Chief Researcher of the Institute of Sustainable Development and Marine Economy of China Development Institute, “The Outline Development Plan is a plan that is grown from a marine gene. It works well with the ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, and I’m looking forward to the bright future of marine economy for the Greater Bay Area in the near future.” The Greater Bay Area is home to many ports and famous for its openness level, and when the location advantage is transformed into scientific and technological advantage, more industries will be involved in the development of marine economy, and that is exactly the important path for the marine economy in the future.


The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is very confident in the development of marine economy. For example, two SARs and 7 PRD cities, namely Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Jiangmen, are all coastal cities, equipped with long coastal lines, port cluster and vast waters; and more importantly these regions have already had a thriving marine economy.


Guangdong has a thriving marine economy, with the gross ocean production ranking first in China for 24 consecutive years, accounting for one fifth of the national total and one fifth of the province’s total GDP; and Guangdong’s comprehensive marine industry has certainly create a solid foundation for the healthy growth of marine economy in the entire Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong, however, is well known for its well-established maritime financial system, equipped with a mature capital market and a working market environment, which is very important for the marine economy to seek financial support. Macao, on the other hand, is able to rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength and the marine economy is likely to become the new economic driver for Macao.


Guangdong speeds up the development of 5 major maritime industries.

 “The release of the Outline Development Plan provides a good opportunity for Guangdong to accelerate the marine economy”, many Guangdong-based NPC deputies and CPPCC members voiced their opinions. As of now, Guangdong has formed a mature maritime industrial system that features marine equipment, marine life, offshore wind power, natural gas hydrate and marine public service industry.


Now Guangdong plans to speed up the development of high-end intelligent marine engineering equipment industry, with focus on integrated innovation, key generic technology and overall research ability enhancement, so as to build a state-level intelligent marine engineering manufacturing innovation center. It is estimated that Guangdong will invest nearly 80 billion yuan on high-end intelligent marine engineering equipment industry during the 13th Five-year Period, with the projected annual added value of marine equipment manufacturing industry exceeding 100 billion yuan.


In addition Guangdong will speed up the development of marine biological industry and explore new energy projects. The research teams from Guangdong have applied many leading technologies, including artificial breeding of tridacna, cultivation of larvae and artificial reproduction green turtle, and built a marine biological natural product compound library successfully. The researchers have also made major breakthroughs in terms of marine biological medicine products, and marine functional food and health care products.


Guangdong has prioritized the development of marine energy industry and actively participates in offshore wind power projects. It is estimated that the projected installed capacity of offshore wind power by 2020 will reach 12 million kilowatts, including 2 million kilowatts by those operational wind power plants. The projected installed capacity of offshore wind power by 2030 will reach 30 million kilowatts, with the estimated investment amount exceeding one trillion yuan.


Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao should strength cooperation.

According to Mr. Ning Ling, an NPC deputy and Executive Director of Guangdong Coastal Economic Belt Development Research Institute, “Guangdong should implement the decisions as stipulated in the Outline Development Plan and push forward the development of marine economy in the Greater Bay Area”. He further added that marine function zoning should play a vital role in the marine development and utilization, and a basic legal framework should be established to facilitate the development of marine economy in the Greater Bay Area.


The Outline Development Plan points out that effort shall be made to optimize the spatial layout for marine development, align with marine functional zonings and overall land use planning, coordinate in a scientific manner the utilization of coastal belts (including island regions), coastal waters, and deep-sea areas. Market insiders also express that all marine economic activities within the Greater Bay Area, including marine fishery, port logistics, offshore oil development, should be carried out in strict accordance with the pre-planned marine functional zoning, so as to ensure the legitimacy, efficiency, environmental friendliness and scientific nature of these activities.


It is of great importance for these three regions to strengthen cooperation if the Greater Bay Area wants to facilitate the growth of marine economy. According to an expert from South China Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration, the development of the Greater Bay Area can be treated as a new round of upgrading for the city cluster within the PRD region, with Hong Kong and Macao being included, and the South China Sea Branch will continue to offer technical support in terms of integrated sea area management and marine ecological civilization progress.


In the construction of the Great Bay Area, the three regions shall give full play to their complementary advantages in the marine economy and achieve a win-win result. As of now these three regions have launched cooperation projects in the fields of scientific research and ecological and environmental protection. For example, Guangdong has made attempts to facilitate the yacht travel among these three regions, and passed an Implementation Plan of Independent Yacht Travel among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in 2017; as for marine high-tech industry, Yunzhou unmanned ship developed by Mr. Zhang Yuntian, a student of Professor Li Zexiang from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is one of the most iconic achievements. In addition, many higher education institutions from Hong Kong have carried out joint research projects with their counterparts in Shenzhen.


The Outline Development Plan stipulates clearly that effort shall be made to support taking forward the development of the marine economy through enhanced financial cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Market insiders point out that these three regions shall make full use of the tested experience of Hong Kong in developing marine economy, facilitate marine financial service innovation, introduce more supporting measures in terms of taxation, insurance and bank loan, create more effective marine financial tools, including industry-specific fund, investment trust and marine bonds, so as to build a multi-layered and sustainable financial service system that ensure the healthy growth of marine economy for the Greater Bay Area.

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