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Huizhou to Grow as World-class Petrochemical Eco-Base


The recently released Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has injected more impetus for Huizhou in terms of strengthening industries with competitive advantages such as equipment manufacturing, automobile and petrochemicals as well as accelerating the green transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. 

In the face of new opportunities, Huizhou's Daya Bay will boldly march ahead in the new era. With the ExxonMobil Huizhou Chemical Complex and the third phase CNOOC-Shell petrochemical project as two major driving engines, Daya Bay is striving to develop its petrochemical area into a world-class eco-base for the petrochemical industry, while seeking high-quality development. 

World-leading Giants Joins Huizhou's Effort to Build an Industrial Cluster

In the early spring of February in Daya Bay, the cooperation project with ExxonMobil, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, has been in full swing at the petrochemical zone in Huizhou.

The key to high-quality development lies in the real economy, and innovation is the main catalyst driving industrial growth. With an overall investment of approximately US$10 billion, the ExxonMobil Huizhou Petrochemical Complex project will be built with leading proprietary technologies, highest safety standards and optimal operation experiences.  The first phase of construction alone involves an investment of more than $4 billion, which includes crude oil steam cracking, polyethylene and polypropylene facilities. The advanced steam cracking technology will boost the ethylene production volume to 1.2 million tons/year (Currently, China has no such technology), with less emission, increased output, added-value and economic revenue. The project has caught the attention of the petrochemical sectors across the globe.


Later, the third phase of the billion-dollar cooperation project between CNOOC and Shell in Daya Bay has once again fueled more drive into Huizhou's goal of building a world-class green petrochemical industrial zone.

Currently, the Daya Bay Petrochemical Industry Park has attracted 89 projects with a total investment of 180.7 billion yuan, with nearly 90% of projects were brought by world's top 500 and industry big names such as Shell, BASF, Clariant, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and LG Chem. Huizhou is accelerating the development of the industrial clusters of deep petrochemical processing, high-end chemicals, new materials, and modern service.


Jiang Xingyong, an expert on the Advisory Committee on Petrochemical Industry Development in Daya Bay and the chief consultant of safety production, believed that the cooperation projects with world-leading petrochemical giants would bring large-scale investment opportunities to the Daya Bay. And more importantly, it will create the siphon effect to attract more middle and downstream supporting enterprises to settle in the Park, thus pushing forward the development of the industrial cluster.


When commenting on high-quality growth brought by cooperation with large corporates, Lin Jiang, professor of Lingnan College in Sun Yat-sen University and deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao and the Pearl River Delta Research Center, said many European and American companies are optimistic towards China's development prospects. Huizhou's favorable investment and business environment along with the solid foundation of the petrochemical industry will be able to advance the petrochemical industry to a new height.

To Upgrade the Security Level and the Service Quality of Standardized Management in an Eco-friendly Way

It has been Daya Bay's new mission and ambition to build a world-class eco-friendly petrochemical industrial base, which is expected to inject fresh impetus into Guangdong's goal to forge a world-leading advanced manufacturing cluster.

Huizhou has clarified that building a world-class eco-friendly petrochemical industrial base means that the city must seek high-quality development, with emphasis on ecological conservation.

As the country's first petrochemical park to pilot innovated production safety and emergency response protocols, Daya Bay Petrochemical Industry Park has installed Guangdong's first automatic air quality monitoring system, tracking the status of over 40 petrochemical-related factors, while implementing third-party safety production supervision. In terms of eco-protection, a 2.33-square-kilometer greenery zone was built to separate the production area. The industrial park also carries out the first underground water monitoring, while commissioning a third-party organization to monitor the level of VOCs. From January to November 2018, the air quality in the Park reached an excellent rate of 94.6%, and the water quality within the coastal functional zone was 100% up to par.


At a themed symposium last year, experts and entrepreneurs from the petrochemical industry including Bai Xuesong, Zhai Hongxing, Li Guohua, Ye Dawen and Yan Qingning, proposed to finalize the overall plan for the construction of a world-class green petrochemical industrial base. The industry insiders suggested that the Park should upgrade its safety management and standardized service in an innovative and eco-friendly way, adhere to the development blueprint, and expedite the progress of the ExxonMobil Petrochemical Complex and the third phase of the CNOOC-Shell Project, while attracting more elite global enterprises as well as downstream companies in the petrochemical sector.

In the coming future, the Daya Bay Petrochemical Industry Park will fully adhere to the gist of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches during his inspection tour in Guangdong, as well as the guidelines put forth by Guangdong Party Chief Li Xi at his inspection in Huizhou. The park will enforce the international standards and the strictest anti-pollution measures when it comes to the management of its piping network, dikes, ports and sea-routes. The Daya Bay is en route to green and high-quality growth and becomes a world-class green petrochemical industrial base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Reported by Ouyang Dehui

Editor:   Time:2019-02-21
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