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Huizhou Tops China's Comprehensive Credit Index in 2018


Credit Arbitration Service Center in Huizhou

Among the 262 Chinese prefecture-level cities, Huizhou topped China's Comprehensive Credit Index in 2018 with a highest-ever score of 85.73, while sharing the first place with Suzhou. On February 26, at a nationwide campaign to promote the importance of credibility, our reporter has learned that Huizhou has kick-started a series of measures including launching an SME Financing Service Platform and the Credit Arbitration Service Center, signing the cooperation agreement on building the social credit system with 3 department bodies, and putting the Credit China (Guangdong, Huizhou) website into use, in order to foster a credit-based business environment and introduce an innovative way of social governance.  

Credit +Financing

Establishing Corporate Credibility Profile

Erasing Financing Obstacles for SMEs

On February 26, Huizhou launched a financing service platform for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, aiming to eliminate the difficulties and obstacles for MSMEs to obtain funding. 

Co-developed by the Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau, the Huizhou Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China, the Bureau of Financial Affairs of Huizhou, the Huizhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, along with financial institutions and credit service facilities across the city, the platform serves as an inter-departmental and cross-regional inquiry application for credit information. Based on the framework of the city's credit information management system, the platform integrates data from government departments and public institutions, and polls together financial resources from banks, securities, insurance companies, and financing guarantee companies. Professional credit service organizations are invited to join the platform, to provide financial product screening, introduce government policies, professional financing and credit enhancement services and comprehensive credit building for MSMEs in Huizhou.


In addition to establishing effective communication channels between financial institutions and investors, the platform also monitors corporate financing needs and provides data for the regulatory authorities to evaluate the implementation status of financial service policies aiming to help MSMEs. Furthermore, the platform also encourages credit investigation and credit rating agencies to develop products and services exclusive to small and micro enterprises, to promote the marketization of public credit information.


Nie Zhenrong, chairman of Guangdong XTOP Hi-tech, pointed out that small and medium-sized enterprises have experienced inconvenience in financing and difficulties in enjoying favorable policies. He cited the examples that companies had been rejected loans at banks and that the preferential policies had not been well implemented. He expressed high expectation of the platform in terms of removing the financing obstacles and helping to boost the development of MSMEs.

The Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau, the Huizhou Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China and the Huizhou Taxation Bureau also signed a cooperation agreement on the construction of a social credit system, the collaboration between government bodies and banks, as well as the promotion of the financing service platform. The three parties agreed to promote the application of credit information to a larger population and across different fields. 

Credit+ Arbitration

Expedited Ruling on Small Debt Disputes

The Huizhou Credit Arbitration Service Center was unveiled on February 26, symbolizing a milestone for pushing forward "credit+" application. Co-founded by the Huizhou Development and Reform Bureau, Huizhou Arbitration Commission and the Huizhou Enterprise Credit Association, the center takes on the missions to promote credit knowledge and conduct credit mediation, expedited and online arbitrations as well as subsequent supervision. The center also has the power to refer the names of individuals failing to implement the arbitral award to the court's List of Dishonest Persons subject to Enforcement. The Credit Arbitration Service Center aims to improve the efficiency and quality of arbitration services, optimize business environment and maximize the functionality of this small-sized institution. 

"People tend to back down when learning about the complicated legal procedures to settle economic disputes regarding small debts."Ge Laiping, Director of the Huizhou Credit Arbitration Service Center, said that the center can now provide efficient and convenient services, and people can handle the necessary legal proceedings at companies, banks, law firms or even in townships and counties. In addition, advanced information technology makes it possible for the center to conduct fast-tracked online arbitration.


Ge Laiping added that where any person subject to enforcement has the ability but fails to perform obligations determined in an effective legal instrument, the center will refer their names to the court's List of Dishonest Persons subject to Enforcement. Once their names are included in the list, they have to face nationwide credit-related punishment, which will seriously affect their daily lives.

Through the combination of credit + arbitration + credit service institutions, the center adopts an innovative approach in the application of credit information, by expediting arbitration of small-sum economic disputes and civil business dispute mediation.

Credit+ Website

Easy Access to Enterprise Credit Record

The Credit China (Guangdong Huizhou) website ( has been put into service on the same day, which is the upgraded version of the Credit Huizhou website and the only official website for the construction of Huizhou Social Credit System. The site connects to the database of the "Credit China" and "Credit Guangdong" websites and releases unified public credit information while accepting external inquiry and objection of case requests.

After the upgrade, the website users can learn about the latest policies on building the new social credit system and make inquiries about the credit reports for entities in different fields. The credit reports will be displayed with an easy-to-understand format. Moreover, the website also offers one-stop online training and exams.

The website now has a more user-friendly interface. The site has set up a registration portal for enterprises and introduced the brand new user center that provides 10 services including credit commitment, corporate credit profile, credit report inquiry, objection request, and credit restoration. The user center helps enterprises to handle their credit-related businesses all at one place, without the need to submit materials or go through ID verification at every service request. Users can obtain the latest credit updates of their business partners to avoid credit risks. The website also generates customized enterprise credit QR codes, so that companies can share their credit profiles in a fast and simple manner.

The website regularly publicizes the information of the Memorandum on Taking Joint Disciplinary Actions against the Parties with Dishonest Acts, red lists and blacklists. In addition, the number of available inquiry items has been increased from 6 to 14, and the newly-added sections include credit service, credit commitment, county and district credit records, industry credit records, personal credit, the national campaign in credit-building, credit-related operations and info-graphics.

According to insiders, the "Credit China (Guangdong Huizhou)" website has been an efficient application of the credit information database, which is also another milestone in the construction of the social credit system in Huizhou.

An honesty promotional event was also launched on the same day, as enterprise representatives read and signed the proposal on building corporate credibility and publicizing enterprise credit records.


Zhou Shaobo, an official from the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission, praised the excellent foundation of Huizhou, saying that the new website is refreshing. The financing platform for MSMEs is an innovative application of credit information in the financial field, and the credit arbitration service center is a creative combination of credit and arbitration.

Reported by Feng Lijun

Additional Reading

Huizhou Leaps from 141st to First Place in 2 Years

Huizhou made an impressive leap from last year's 17th to this year's first place in China's Comprehensive Credit Index with a score of 85.73, sharing the top spot with Suzhou City. The result was announced at a nationwide campaign to promote the importance of credibility, and this has been the highest score Huizhou has ever received in the national ranking in terms of the construction of a social credit system. 


According to the Comprehensive Credit Index among Chinese cities released by the State Information Center in September 2016, Huizhou ranked the 141st place, then jumped to the 17th place in 2017. After two years of efforts, Huizhou has leaped to the first place in 2018, with a remarkable score of 85.73. 

In the past year, Huizhou has fully implemented the guidelines put forth by the country and Guangdong province, stepping up works in the areas of credibility construction, policy-making and credit information collection and sharing as well as clarifying the rewards for honest individuals and punishments for anyone conducted dishonest acts. To provide better data support, Huizhou has upgraded the credit management system by adding 38 Memorandums on Taking Joint Disciplinary Actions against the Parties with Dishonest Acts as well as the national and provincial red lists and blacklists.


Moreover, Huizhou is committed to regulating dishonesty in the financial and e-commerce sectors. The city has ordered 140 discredited financial enterprises to carry out rectification work. In term of the e-commerce sector, a special working group was set up to rectify two discredited government agencies that are subjected to enforcement.

At present, Huizhou City has applied credit information on a variety of fields, including the selection of creditable exemplary enterprises, Huizhou Samaritans, and the application for famous brands, Guangdong Top 10 Agricultural Products, grain and cotton import tariff quota, the "Blue Fire Plan" (Huizhou) Industry-University-Research Joint Innovation Fund, the certification from the Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, the Provincial-level Economic Development Special Fund as well as the Private Education Special Fund. Credit information is also used in the publication of credit reports, government procurement, intermediary market supervision and the monitoring of grain and oil QR codes. The city will give out incentives to parties that demonstrated trustworthiness and punish entities that conducted dishonest acts. 

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