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Industrial Park Construction in Huicheng District

  Huicheng District Hi-tech Industrial Park consists of "1+4" zones, namely: Sandong Central Zone plus 4 branch zones of Xiaojinkou, Shuikou, Ma'an and Hengli . The Park has a total planned area of 40.6 square kilometers, among which 10.5 square kilometers has been developed. So far 156 companies and projects have settled in the park. In 2013, the total output value of the park reached CNY20 billion yuan. Electronic information, automobile electronics and clothing & accessories are main industries in the Park.

  1. Sandong Central Zone
  Sandong Central Zone, located in Sandong Town in the southern suburbs of Huizhou, is presently the key development zone in Huicheng District. The Zone enjoys a favorable geographical location and regional radiation advantages, with Huinan Avenue, Donguan-Huizhou Expressway, Huizhou-Daya Bay Expressway and Huizhou-Ao'tou Railway running through, Huizhou-Yantian, Guangzhou-Huizhou, Huizhou-Heyuan and Shenzhen-Shantou and other expressways intersecting nearby. It is the preferred place for business expansion and industrial transfer from Cities of Shenzhen and Dongguan.
  With a total planned area of 14.91 square kilometers, Sandong Central Zone has been brought into the overall plan of the new south town of Huizhou and the coverage plan along Huinan Highway. Covering an area of 5.2 square kilometers, Phase I of the Zone has been completed with mature infrastructures such as natural gas, power supply and communication facilities and greening and landscaping. 92 companies and projects have been introduced into the zone, including Bekaert Steel Cord, KHVatec Precision Manufacturing and Green Precision Components. Since 2012, Huicheng District Government has been making great efforts to promote the expansion and construction of Phase II and Phase III of the Zone, totaling 9.73 square kilometers. The zone will be built into a new southern industrial town oriented by the modern advanced manufacturing industry and supplemented by commercial, residential, logistics, trade, industrial outsourcing and other modern service supporting facilities.

  2. Xiaojinkou Branch Zone
  Under the jurisdiction of Xiaojinkou Sub-district Office, Xiaojinkou Branch Zone is one of the key development zones in Huicheng District. With a total planned area of 10 square kilometers, it is composed of the South Zone and the North Zone covering an area of 5 square kilometers respectively. It will be built into an industrial park focusing on auto parts and communication electronics.

  3. Shuikou Branch Zone
  Under the jurisdiction of Shuikou Sub-district Office, Shuikou Branch Zone has a total planned area of about 8.7 square kilometers. The Zone will be built into an industrial park focusing on electronic information, textile & garment and mercerized cotton base.

  4. Ma'an Branch Zone
  Located in Ma'an Town, the zone has a total planned area of 5 square kilometers. It is planned to be a focus area for companies from Hong Kong and Macao and private companies. It will be built into an industrial park with electronic information as the leading industry, characterized by large-scale commercial circulation industry in combination with hi-tech manufacturing and modern service industry.

  5. Hengli Branch Zone
  Located in the center of Hengli Town, the zone is a satellite area of Huizhou Dongjiang Hi-tech Zone. The Zone has a total planned area of 2 square kilometers, with an expandable land area of 120 hectares for future development. Most of the land in this Zone has been granted land use right and has been leveled, including an industrial land area of 181.78 hectares. It is planned to be an industrial zone focusing on high technologies, light electronic industry and auto parts manufacturing, research and development.

  Source: Huicheng Investment Promotion Website

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