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Huizhou Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone

  I. Overview of the Petrochemical Zone
  Located in Huizhou Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone is adjacent to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, with a planned area of 65 square kilometers. Currently, the refining capacity of the Zone reaches 12 million tons/year, and ethylene production capacity reaches 950,000 tons/year. The second phase of CNOOC Huizhou Refinery Project has been under construction since July 09, 2013, and it is expected that the refining capacity will reach 22 million tons/year, and ethylene production capacity 2 million tons/year in Daya Bay Petrochemical Zone in 2016.
  Driven by the two leading projects, that is, oil refining and ethylene production, the Zone has attracted more than 20 well-known companies from the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea and other countries and regions, and a total of 75 projects (including 51 petrochemical projects and 24 public projects) have settled in the petrochemical zone as of January 2014, with a total investment of RMB 160.29 billion. Six industrial clusters for synthetic rubber, surfactants, synthetic resin, chemical intermediates, fine chemicals and comprehensive utilization of resources have taken shape in the Zone.

  II. Industry Orientation and Development Direction
  Following the development principle of "refining-chemical integration", the Zone takes oil refining and ethylene production as the leading projects, considers the demand of both international and domestic markets as the orientation, focuses on the development of high value-added, high-tech petrochemical deep-processed products, synthetic materials, new materials and fine chemicals, develops the industries mainly related to oil refining, downstream ethylene products, downstream propylene products, downstream C4 products, downstream aromatic products and fine chemical products, and ultimately constructs the Zone into a leading world-class petrochemical industrial zone in terms of both total economic output and overall strength.

  III. Supporting Public Projects
  Transportation: The transportation is convenient in the petrochemical zone, and a three-dimensional marine, land and air transportation network has been formed. There are 8 expressways (Shenzhen-Shantou, Huizhou-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Huizhou, Huizhou-Heyuan, Huizhou-Yantian, Huizhou-Dongguan, Huizhou-Daya Bay, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport - He'ao expressways), Huizhou-Daya Bay Railway has connected with Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Xiamen-Shenzhen Railways, which run through Huizhou, and Shenzhen-Dongguan-Huizhou Intercity Light Railway has been under planning. There are four airports which can be reached within two hours (Huizhou Pingtan Airport, Shenzhen Bao'an Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport). Regular international sailings are available from Huizhou Port in the Zone to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kobe and Osaka in Japan.
  Water supply: Four water supply sources have been constructed: The water supply capacity of Dongjiang drinking water project reaches 330,000 cubic meters/day. Fengtian Reservoir, as a regulating reservoir, has a total capacity of 25.43 million cubic meters. The water supply capacity of the water purification plant in the petrochemical zone reaches 120,000 cubic meters/day, and its planned capacity is 250,000 cubic meters/day. The water supply capacity of the water purification plant in the central area reaches 90,000 cubic meters/day, and its planned capacity is 240,000 cubic meters/day.
  Power supply: 4 110KV substations and 2 220KV substations have been built in the Zone; in addition, one 500 kV substation and one 220 kV substation was built in 2014, so that the power supply demand for production and living is fully satisfied.
  Steam supply: High, medium & low-pressure steam is available in the Zone.
  Pipeline: Public pipe rack covering Zone have been built to transport raw materials and products.
  Warehouse storage: Oiltanking and Nicefame provide third-party warehousing service in the Zone.
  Ports: Huizhou Port is a national Category-I open port in Zone, as well as the most convenient access to the sea at the southern end of Beijing-Kowloon Railway. Liquid chemicals wharf, refined oil wharf, raw materials wharf, coal wharf and heavy cargo wharf have been built at the port, and Huizhou Port has great potential to be built into a large port with annual cargo handling capacity of 100 million tons or above.
  Sewage treatment: The current sewage treatment capacity of Daya Bay Qingyuan Sewage Treatment Plant is 25,000 tons/day, and its planned capacity is 65,000 tons/day. A pipeline for discharge of sewage into the sea has been built, which has a total length of 24 km and maximum discharge capacity of 2,700 cubic meters per hour. The second pipeline for discharge of sewage into the sea is currently under construction in the petrochemical zone, which has a total length of 44.5 km and designed discharge capacity of 3,800 cubic meters per hour.
  Solid waste disposal: Sold waste is disposed of by Huizhou Dongjiang Veolia Environmental Services Co., Ltd., which has the landfill capacity of 50,000 tons/year and incineration capacity of about 1.2 tons/year.
  Fire control: The fire control integration projects include fire water pipe network transformation, integration of emergency fire pools and integration of fire brigades in the Zone.

  IV. Closed-off Management
  Closed-off management of the Zone has been formally implemented since September 2012. Through the establishment of integrated management platform, IC card identification system for vehicles from outside the Zone, gate (access control) management system, patrol system, video monitoring system, X-ray security surveillance and other information systems, closed-off management has been achieved for the entire Zone.

  Source: Bureau of Commerce of Huizhou Municipality

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