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Introduction to Guangdong Huizhou Industrial Park

  Guangdong Huizhou Industrial Park (Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park), formerly known as Huizhou (Digital) Industrial Park, was established in 2002. It was evaluated and approved as a provincial-level development zone by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2006, and included in the management scope of "4 Parks in One Zone" of Zhongkai High-tech Zone in February 2010, thus becoming a part of the national-level high-tech zone. The Park is located in Sandong Town in the southeast of Huizhou, on the eastern side of Huizhou-Daya Bay Expressway, and is only 10 km away from the urban center of Huizhou. With a very advantageous geographic location, it is situated in the three-dimensional land, sea and air transportation network composed of "seven expressways, four airports, three light railways and two ports".

  The park has a total planned area of 45 square kilometers, of which the land area for construction is 30 square kilometers. The development and construction area of Phase I of the park is about 5.5 square kilometers, and there is an employed population of 35,000 in the Park at present. The Park focuses on the development of strategic emerging industries represented by mobile Internet and flat panel displays, advanced manufacturing industry based on high-end equipment manufacturing and modern service industry oriented by technology services, so as to drive the coordinated development of other industries. Since its inception, the Park has received many titles successively, such as "National Electronic Information Industry Base", "Huizhou Digital Audiovisual Industry Base of National Torch Program", "Guangdong Private Science and Technology Park" and "Guangdong Entrepreneurship Base for Small Enterprises". It has introduced about 100 projects, such as Bridgestone, Kaifa Technology, KTC Technology, Huayilong, Yinghe Technology, Youwei Optoelectronics and Unionman Technology, with a total investment of about RMB 30 billion. In 2013, the Park achieved a total industrial output value of RMB 12.52 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 22.4%, and its national and local tax revenue reached RMB 255 million, with a year-on-year increase of 15.9%.

  The Park endeavors to provide first-class facilities for the public and introduce hotels of four-star level or above, large supermarkets and other supporting facilities for the development of the tertiary industry, and focuses on the construction of a number of livelihood projects, such as Huinan Hospital, Huinan Primary School, Huinan Cultural Square, so as to build a new city suitable for living and work. Meanwhile, it creates a mature star-level service system, ensuring that best service can be provided to investors. "Huinan Administrative Service Center" has been established in the Park, which opens nine windows to provide efficient "one-stop" service, so that "one-window handling, one-stop service and one-stop completion" has been achieved for the handling of all formalities from project initiation, construction report to production commencement. With complete supporting facilities, high-quality and efficient service and strict management, Huinan Hi-tech Industrial Park has become a homeland for entrepreneurs and a paradise for investors.

  Looking to the future, the Park is committed to grow into a humanistic and ecological one featured by scientific and technological innovation, suitability for living and work as well as harmony and happiness. It strives to complete the construction of the first phase of the high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park with an output value of over RMB 50 billion by 2017, moving toward the goal of the output value of RMB 100 billion and tax revenue of over RMB 2 billion.

  Source: Bureau of Commerce of Huizhou Municipality

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